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Community Teaching on Health Issues - Essay Sample

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Community teaching on health issues is one of the significant goals of HP2020 as one of the sure ways of ensuring good health in the community. Therefore educating the community on more sensitive issues such as environmental pollution as a significant cause of ill health in the community is paramount (In Klette et al., 2016). Research has shown that poor management of environmental issues in the societies is one of the primary cause of diseases in the communities. Some health problems in the villages are attributed to poor management and handling of the environmental issue. Therefore, this section of the paper describes the experience of the community teaching work plan above.

Summary of the teaching plan

The primary objective of the teaching plan proposal was to educate the community on the environmental health that has become a significant concern in the health fraternity due to the alarming rates of disease spread. Moreover, the teaching dealt majorly with a critical environmental issue that appertains to health and that is environmental pollution, sanitation, and natural process that affect human health but are caused by the same humans. Moreover, following the composition of the community in terms of literacy, the process was to be participatory and interactive. One of the significant approach I embraced and used in the teaching was the participatory community management of the environmental issue. The strategy was used to make the community members welcome the concepts in the teaching and actual practice them back in their villages.

The teaching was also geared to improve or create awareness of environmental issues management as a way of protecting human health (McGill, 2017). The audience was diverse, which was a representation of the entire community, the students and the adults all-inclusive. The one-day teaching, which ended with a change of attitude and knowledge to the community members, was informative and significant due to the following.

Epidemiological rationale of topic

World Health Organization and other research firms have confirmed that environmental health is determinate and chief dictator of human health. Various environmental issue and process such as pollution, degradation, and effects of the global environmental process are threats to human survival (Mendenhall & Koon, 2012). According to world health, the organization asserts that an estimate of 1.6 m, deaths are caused by environmental factors, this is due to a disease that emanates from issues such as pollution and sanitation of the environment.

Furthermore, 2.1 B People lack safe drinking water at home, more than twice as many lack safe sanitation. About the same, it was also found out that, the cost of a polluted environment translates to the deaths of 1.7M children a year. In a report released by the UN posits that 7 M, deaths worldwide are attributed to air pollution every year and that more significant percentage of highly spreading disease epidemics are environmental (Mendenhall & Koon, 2012).


I was able to note that the majority of the community members embraced the lessons and showed the need for more of these experiences for not only environmental issues but also other aspects. Most of the community members were green about the concepts and were getting them for the first time while the few who new claimed no motivation and support to carry out the management. They took the management as a work for the extension officers, the government, and not their hence the need for participatory community management.


In conclusion, community teaching is one of the critical ways of enlightening the citizens on vital health issues not only environmental but also another aspect of health issues.



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