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Essay on the Harvard Memes

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Okay, at least eight out of ten Facebook users have encountered some of the basic emoticons which range from funny faces to Pecan on their chats. Well, this is what is called a meme. The term internet meme has been used to describe a concept that spreads so fast through the internet. Traditional, they are primarily made to make fun of specific situation or to keep a Facebook chat entraining. Furthermore, most of the memes have been used to illustrate cultural belief and attitude. The recent developments have, however, disapproved this concept of the meme. According to recent meme encounter in Harvard University, learning institution is on the forefront for taking offenses of certain memes used by their students.

The university has reportedly rescinded at least ten admissions. These were freshmen who were offered a learning perspective at this institution. They were denied admission by trading asexually explicit and also offensive memes in an online Facebook chat. Group of students who were admitted into the institution formed a messaging group that was named Harvard memes for the horny bourgeois teens on Facebook. In the group chat, students were reported to be sending each other different memes and images. The contents of the images were seen to be mocking sexual assaults, the death of the children and holocaust as described by some of the screenshot that was obtained from the Crimson. According to this source, some of the joked memes implied that the abusing children were sexually arousing. Other meme had a specific punch line that was directed at distinct ethnic or an ethical group. Majority of the students were excited about the group formation. From the group, participants could easily relate with those whom they shared the same interest.

Upon discovering this contents on the chats. The school administration revoked admission offers to ten of the participants. As stated by the university officials, the institution's decision to rescind a student offer is always final. The school admission committee was a sad lot of learning that majority of the student in private group chat for the 2021 class were sending messages that were perceived to be offensive in messages and also graphics.

Initially, with the start of the Facebook group, the students were supposed to engage in the common practice. They were required to join this Facebook platform to help in sharing memes about the Harvard and the pop culture of the institution. However, the university discovered that the students were also involved in second group messaging. It is in this group that they were reported to be sharing memes that were directed to suicide racial minorities and child abuse. Some of the famous images that were used include Sponge Bob, Pikachu, and square pants.

The Harvard culture condemns child abuse and has specific laws that are put in place to protect against sexual assaults. The administration also provides stiff punishment for individuals who are involved in such acts. According to the administration, these are some of the aspects that were not taken into consideration during the Facebook memes chat. The administration categorically mentioned some of the cultural attitudes that were not put into an account. For instance, one student was reported to have posted a comment that was viewed as sexually assaulting children known as pleomorphic.

The decision to revoke the admission of the student has since gathered moment urn and have yield varied vies. Some are having the view that the decision was harsh and could not have been calumniated to revocation. For the students who were denied this chance, I understand it could be frustrating times. Some could view it as the end of their lives. In fact, in defense, some of the students were arguing that it was their right to post on Facebook platform. They cited a free speech in their defense. According to them the memes were purely meant for fun and should not have been taken that serious, at least this one time. Also, they argued that the memes were just part of their social lives.

In my opinion, the decision to revoke the student admission is one of the best one ever done by the institution. The students forget that their freedom of speech should come with responsibility as well. From where I sit, the message is clear, who would want students with the view which is capable of poisoning our community. Whenever I think of this, I usually ask two critical questions that I strongly believe should be put into consideration. First, does anyone even care for the Harvard students who could be as well having those hurrying views but were not reckless enough to have their plea to Facebook platform? Secondly, if it is not Harvard, who will take the bold move to educate and help in transforming some of our most dangerously thinking Americans? In light of this, higher learning institution like Harvard should be on the forefront in molding our youths. It is time the system instill the social responsibilities into our students and youth at large. Getting away with such acts do not the only end is school compound, this is the same people who will be holding higher offices in future, what would anyone expect from them when the rot started this early?

Harvard and any other institution have grown to be a community. From this perspective, it can be argued that the decision, viewed in the long term was not a Harvard affair but a community affair. Also, when everyone is applying for college they usually stay I want to be that part of the community. Harvard, for instance, admits on an academic excellence and student personal integrity. As such, if the integrity does not match that of the institution it serves no right to be in a community where you do not belong. The school has a well laid out code of conducts. I intend to believe that the conducts are well as stipulated in the students admission letters. One of the purely pronounced manners is the national disintegration and sexual assaults. It will be unthinkable to say that these should, however, be continued on a social media and not into actual practice.

Going forward, I firmly believe that every student should be subjected to some code of conduct before joining any learning institution. The specific code of conducts can be instrumental in maintaining the moral behavior while on campus and colleges. To enforce this aspect, learning institution should traverse their existing code of conduct to incorporate the worlds advancement like the evolution of the social media. In light of this, students will be held responsible for their post on the respective media

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