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Intercultural Reflection Paper

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Middlebury College
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Intermingling and moving from one region to another brings about culture shock especially when people migrate from one nation to another for studies, seeking for a job, adventures among other aspects. Cultural heritage varies from one community to another thus making the study of intercultural associations to be a desirable study of humans association. As a multilingual, I have heard many people talk about how Puerto Ricans are confused to believe in a demon that moves around the street in search of food. Also, I have listened to people speak ill about the carnavales 40-day abstinence in anticipation of Easter celebration. Many take the Indian culture and communication to be so vague regarding being vegetarians and the overall accent that makes them unique.

Since I had been friends with one Indian student in high school, I decided to carry out my intercultural communication study with one Indian friend of mine who was open to dialogues and was compatible with all people. Notwithstanding the fact that I feared mixed reactions from him, I managed to resurface my worries and fears after the first encounter that I can say that it enlightened me to move on with the communication in detail after realizing that he was a good associate and willing to share.

I managed to interrogate my Indian friend who had traveled to Japan during Easter Holiday. He informed me that he had experienced alien culture whereby the Japanese babies are not allowed to grow hair on their heads as a tradition. According to the way my Indian friend described what happened when he landed in Japan, I can say that he experienced a cultural shock since I was also shocked to hear that Japanese shave their babies to make their heads bare as a ritual and culture. He told me that, It was indeed a cultural shock since it is not a typical thing in the in my culture.

However, as I informed my Indian friend about how I adjust to situations, he informed me that even though he was at hostility stage since he wished to manhandle the people carrying out the practice, his conscience made him humorous enough to gather a viable association with the people of Japan. He said, I was now obligated to look not only into the bad aspects of peoples culture but to examine the good in their culture that can be embraced and appreciated. I, therefore, looked into my belief and cultural underpinnings and realized that every culture has its pros and cons thus concluded that I only need to be open-minded.

After reflecting on the experience with my Indian friend who visited Japan for the first time, I had to start connecting with more people and made more social networks with friends and new people. I realized that I could not make a person change their traditions in one day. I have always maintained a standard behavior while in a foreign land to avoid making people realize that am a foreigner. On the other hand, I remembered about my Indian friend in high school who used to crack jokes and enhanced our associations through funny accent and Indian pronunciation aspects. He was indeed a real friend who did not get pissed off when I imitated the Indian accent. For that matter, I developed ambivalence when we had to part after finishing high school since he had acquired a scholarship for higher education studies elsewhere.

Having an Indian friend whom we share jokes concerning his accent, I wished I could be an Indian since I can correctly communicate with the Indian accent to the point of making an individual believe that am an Indian masked in a different outlook even though some of their cultural practices cannot rhyme with what I think. I am also attracted to the Indian culture that respects women which is the opposite of what happens among Americans. Women are precious, respected and shown compassion while here in America women are battered. However, the Indian religion bothers me on the fact that most of them live to maintain a vegetarian life. My life would be stressful living as a member of this culture since my quest for flesh wouldnt fit the Indian religion. However, from my past experience with my Indian friend in high school and the intercultural communication advantage I have gathered, I have learnt to take peoples culture for good and always take all cultures to be important.

In conclusion, intercultural associations confer more cultural shock due to the intertwining of cultures which now days tend to move from one place to another leading to culture shock. Notwithstanding the fact that we might feel obstinate and uncomfortable whenever we associate with the people we dont know about their culture, it should be noted that cultural differences should not make a basis for despising other communities and their cultural practices but rather cope with them and let their culture bring benefits to our lives. I, therefore, conclude that I have found it fascinating to study and learn about peoples lives and how they are relevant to their cultural heritage thus made me respect all cultural practices.

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