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Admission Essay to Law School

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Vanderbilt University
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Admission essay
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A significant proportion of students know what direction they want to pursue in college and further studies. As a result, most of them prepare enough to meet their expectations. In my life, I have been through failures and success, but I thank my mother for the support and inspiration she has offered so far. My academic qualifications as described in the college records are illustrative of my prowess in law. In addition to these educational qualifications, I demonstrate leadership skills, especially in public presentations and other community development programs. I also have excellent communication skills thus enabling me to communicate effectively. These characteristics place me in a position that guarantees excellence as I pursue a Master's degree in law.

I have high respect and adherence to ethical behaviors both in the lecture room and outside in the workplaces. In various places that I have worked, the superiors can testify to the fact that I always set my mind and achieve whatever I plan. However, the latter does not mean that I do not face obstacles, but instead, I still find means to address them. As a law student, I know that pursuing a master's degree will be challenging but I am willing and dedicated to ensuring that I deliver what is expected. Being inspired to pursue law, I believe the ethical behaviors that I have learned along the way are vital as they enable persons to commit to integrity which is critical in the judicial process. In instances whereby I was on the wrong side, I learned to mitigate the shortcomings and learn from my mistakes for further improvements. While watching the conduct of distinguished legal professionals, I desire to ensure that I achieve the same capacities as them. However, to attain such status, I need to further my undergraduate studies and pursue a master's and later on reach my doctoral degree.

My passion for law has been built for a long time. I recall my schoolmates, and I in the 7th grade preferred to hold simple law discussions which would lead to heated debates. As such, I developed the zeal to focus on studying to become a prominent lawyer. I believe that further studies in graduate school will help me improve and build on my skills to propel me to another level. Having been exposed to different cultural, social, political, and legal situations, I believe that people are subjected to varying forms of law, and it is vital to be enlightened to all these types. As such, I will actively participate in the coursework to enhance competence in my profession.

While I may have been through ups and downs in life, inspirations from my mother and my relentless efforts have led me to aspire to be a great law professional. Besides I never give up on whatever I set my mind to and ensure that I must achieve it. Just like running track was a challenge in junior high, I believe in tackling graduate school encounters in a prudent and competent approach. Having been through rough times of injustices, I hope to gain competence in law to help and promote justice in the society. For the years I will be in this program I believe I will transform from a novice learner to a professional. I believe that I have what it takes to become a favorable law professional. Please consider my application as I await a positive response.

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