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The Gender Pay Gap in the Universities and Colleges Education System - Paper Example

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Introduction A gender pay gap referring to the As the Australian government website is the difference between women's and men's earnings expressed as a percentage of men's salaries. The massive gap in the US where its 31% to 35% in two states and it goes down the 10 to 35% in the rest of the US as indicated in Figure one. To be more specific in the US males in colleges makes 30% than females on the standard


AimThis report aims to find an intervention method that is not used in the US and apply it to narrow the Gender pay gap in the universities and colleges education system. There will be a comparison of the two methods concerning effectiveness and public acceptance. Finally, one way will be recommended which is the most feasible and logical for this sector in the US.

Background The gender gap in the USPer KFF organization, the Percentage of males in the US is 49% against 51% for females (The Henry J. et al., 2016). And, as the US Census Bureau states that the mean rate of gender pay gap in the US is around 21%, this indicates that a female earns 21% less than her male counterpart. The difference may differ depending on each state in the US. It is globally known that men receive more than women and more than 100 years are needed to close the pay gap worldwide be more evident and according to the world economic forum in average women earns 0.65$ for each dollar a man makes (World Economic Forum, 2016). On the other hand, the percentage of males is 11.14% higher than females in labor force where it is 77.21% for men against 66.07 for women (World Economic Forum, 2016). To sum up, the gender gap is going down from wrong to worse so in the next section I will be presenting the two options that might narrow this massive gap between both genders.

Options Transparency in paymentTransparency in payment is allowing each employee in a workplace to know what everyone else in the same workplace is paid. Pay transparency can also include taxes and not just salaries to be more evident. For example, in Norway taxes are transparent as well. Therefore, everyone can see anyone's taxes (Henry, 2017). It makes people aware that their colleagues are paying the same amount of taxes and detect any mistakes with their taxes. Transparency in payments can improve the working environment where all of the employees know each other salaries and feel equal (HR Daily Advisor, 2016). But on the other hand, some workers might not feel comfortable with this information being governed and known by others. And it may cause problems and demission if not treated well (HR Daily Advisor, 2016)

Provide mentoring programs

This point covers the aspect of offering programs that will teach women, how to negotiate their salary and working conditions and how to reconcile maternity and work (, 2017). A study by Bentley University indicates that 55% of the women who were a part of this study accepted that mentoring programs which target women give the women the ability to achieve high positions in the workplace.


EffectivenessEffectiveness is doing the correct things, for instance, choosing and aiming at producing an output that there is a demand for (Sundqvist et al., 2014). The focus of this report is how effective the methods will be regarding time and success. Effectiveness is an important factor because the US is one of the most developed countries with one of the lowest gender equality standards as mentioned in the background section.

Public Acceptance

In this Report, public acceptance is exclusively concerned with the public attitude and opinion towards both intervention methods that this report is considering to recommend. It includes the level of public support if it is perceived to be a good idea and if it should be implemented. In this study, public acceptance will be measured as to which the public understands the congestion charge to be a positive or negative change.

Comparing Options Transparency

The United States is one of the most developed countries in the world that fosters the idea of openness. Openness in payment makes the people about the salaries they get creating a turning point to the realization gender gap solutions in the United States. Clarity is a fundamental aspect of development that enhances positive changes within an organization. The essence of openness is to strengthen accountability thereby improving the public trust of the functions of the management. Transparency requires high-level integrity on the part of the authority and the presence of specific policy frameworks that determine their operation while in office. In the United States and other developed countries, the legislation creates the basis of service production and provides a framework upon which any leader has to operate. Therefore, most of the people manage in the resources are restrained by these legal provisions to provide the best services to the people irrespective of their gender.

The essence of transparency is to avoid the loss of finances and to ensure accountability for all resources. In the process, the people are influenced to trust the government and help take part in the development process. Without transparency, it would be difficult to assure the general public of possible accountability. Therefore, most of them may not trust the government another legal authority with their resources. The existence of transparency enhances gender equity as it ends suspicion that the male workers get more salaries than the females. In most cases where there is no transparency, development would reduce because most of the funds go to the wrong people or would develop other unintended projects. However, transparency ensures that all resources develop the intended plans without interference.

Providing Mentoring Programs

Once a team makes a decision, constant monitoring is necessary to determine whether it is in tandem with the objectives of the project and if it is in line with the desires of the decision makers. Therefore, the process of monitoring also gives room for the review and necessary adjustments to the decision. In this case, it would be significant for the authorities and the government always to monitor the implementation specific policies meant to enhance transparency and improve the level of genders equity. In most cases, programs begin but end up failing before the fulfillment of the desired goals. However, it is often difficult to ensure a continuous monitoring program without a unit tasked with the responsibility.

Monitoring and evaluation also enhance transparency to a given extent since it creates a general sense of awareness and precaution that the monitoring unit is in a position to unearth any wrongdoing. Therefore, it would be difficult to alter the rules already agreed upon before the realization of the objectives. Consequently, the process of monitoring and evaluation helps determine the emerging issues that make it difficult to attain the goals. Therefore, the team can work on new measures to handle such emerging issues and ensure that the project remains on course. In the competitive world primarily in the United States, there is a possibility that people may change things to give a different view. It is also notable that people of both genders have to continue monitoring the payment process to ascertain the indeed the process is transparent. Transpar4ency and monitoring services are incompatible and he to take place at the same time. Monitoring transparency is fundamental.

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