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Education Essay Example: Lesson on Cultural Diversity

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Sewanee University of the South
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Central focus

The content of the lesson is cultural diversity, and the primary focus and purpose of the material are to enable the students to apply the knowledge obtained in class towards doing furthest research on different cultures and their diversities. Therefore at the end of the lesson, the students should be able to define cultural diversity.

The content should equip the learners with the right knowledge of preparing them on how to appreciate and handle different cultural diversities. Besides, they should be able to respect differences that they have regarding other peoples through the use of various modal studies such as visual aids, music among others the students will better understand the content. Additionally, the material will help the students to apply their concept of culture in different aspects of life, for instance, music festivals, art, and design among other disciplinary.

Supporting children developing and learning

In the development of the lesson, different techniques will be used to ensure that the students grasp the concept better. The materials that will be used include various textbooks coupled with pictures of the different cultural practices of the people. Similarly chats with summaries of each subtopic in the content will also be displayed in class noticed board. Besides, the course will be divided into small groups to have close attention to the needs of students, for instance, the slow learners and those who are not good in English.

Because the class is composed of students with different diversities, I will put the students in small groups depending on their individual needs so that that I can attend to them better. For instance, in the class that I am teaching, there are those students with English language problems, and those are very slow in learning. Putting them in groups will make them understand well than when the whole class is taught as a block. Also, I will have a personal attention with a student while they are in groups more than when they are shown as a whole class. According to Bowlby's attachment theory, children form attachments with their caregivers because they are born with innate needs that make them need to attach. In this regard when the class is divided into small groups the teacher will be able to bond with the students, and they will connect for better understanding and conducive environment in class.

Monitoring childrens learning

The formal assessment done on the students include tests scores which were put in percentages to gauge the students performance. It is done through different modes for instance writing and reading among others, and it is data-driven. On the other hand, the informal assessment entails content and performance parameters rather than data. The method uses overall performance to compare the progress of students with that of children of their age. The performance can be gauged by how a student writes, reads, answers questions and participate in class among others.

Diverse instructions will be used to enable the children with different needs to understand the content. For instance, I will use question and answer method; students will take short notes as the discussion is going on. The question and answer method enable those who have not understood the content to inquire more. The note-taking boost the understanding of those who can quickly grasp the material quickly.

It is important to note that the unit will equip the learners with the knowledge of appreciating cultural diversity and embracing their own culture. It will make the research on the history of different cultures of people and how they came to be.


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