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Methodology of Research Used

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Various research needs different types of study methodology. These vary depending on the kind of research is conducted, the classes of data collected and the nature of the area the study is done. The research methodologies categories are qualitative and quantitative, and they include methods such as interviews, sampling, use of questionnaires, observation, group discussions, online polls and many more.

The first research methodology used was the mediation path analysis (Bakteshi et al., 2014). It is a form of a quantitative report which is a regression formula used to establish if a third variable impacts the relationship between an independent and a dependent variable. In this study, the mediation path analysis was used to determine that Hispanic women teamwork, which they get from their family culture, leads to a conflict of interest among the organization and the women employees.

Second, regarding (Yanfei & Tyler, 2016), institutional logics perspective was introduced. This methodology is based on the fact that many social problems affect beliefs and practices of a particular group of people in the society and make them act in a specific way beside the usual. In the research, this technique is applied in determining the act of Hispanic women opting not to report sexual assault cases to keep their jobs. They claim that tasks are difficult to find. Hence, they would instead not talk about it to anyone than to lose the jobs.

Another method used in the research, established from (Roessler et al., 2016), is the use of existing data and literature. They used the technique in their study to determine that despite the efforts put in place to expand educational facilities in Japan, China and India in the last century, women in those countries have withdrawn or are nom-participants in the labor force and educational institutions. In the research, the method of using existing data to establish that, on the contrary, more Hispanic women are attending schools and colleges and that the percentage of Hispanics getting pregnant when they are teens has reduced by 23% in 2016.

In addition to that, the experimental and survey, methodologies have been used in reference to Brands & Mateo (2017). They used the technique in testing the impact of rejection on the willingness to apply to a firm for another person. In the research, the tested hypothesis with this method is whether the working mates and the management would be able to cope with the increasing number of Hispanic women in the institutions, according to their cultural and religious beliefs.

In the research, quantitative research method has often been used. There is an immense use of surveys, pre-existing data, and literature. It is because of the existence of research material about the Hispanic women and their struggle in finding job opportunities and gender inequality problems in their work areas. It may also be used due to the accuracy of the data and information obtained from the documented research done.

The research methods used have provided information about the education levels that the Hispanic women have obtained (Roessler et al., 2016). That has immensely contributed to the theory that although the Hispanic women achieve high standards of education, they still face the problem of finding employment opportunities. The methods have also covered various relationships such as the Hispanic teamwork and the conflict of interest among the organization and women employees.

In conclusion, various researchers have various techniques used to conduct them. It depends on the type of study and the kinds of information required for the study. Of essence is that every research approach is essential in a given kind of work. hence, they function together.



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