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Paper Example on Pitbulls

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Pit bulls are a breed type of dogs whose origin can be traced back to the 1800 and it is believed to have originated from England, Scotland, and Ireland. It gained its popularity among the British when the animal was used for a sport known as the bull baiting. The pit bulls are a crossbreed of the bulldog and the terrier which was crossbred for the bear and bull baiting game. At the end of the eighteenth century, the bull baiting game was banned, and the Europeans changed the purpose to that of ratting and dog fighting, and in the nineteenth century the dogs were introduced to America. The pit bull is now a famous American breed that has been kept as a pet and friend to most families. In the earlier lives of the pit bulls in America, the immigrants treated them as part of the family and considered them as one of their own. They were used to play very significant roles which included watching over children, keeping away predators participating in farm activities among other chores. The pit bulls became popular in the media because of the characters they played, and at some point, they were called nanny dogs because they took good care of the children while people went out to the field. They are owned by great personalities such as Helen Keller, Theodore Roosevelt among others.

The pit bull ranges from medium to large and it weighs between 30-90 Ibs with a smooth coat which varies in color. For instance, some are brown, others black and white among other beautiful but varying colors. The dog has a short, stout and muscular body the reason as to why it was good for the sport. Besides, it is well built with sturdy legs such that it had enough strength to participate in the games. The height is estimated to be between 17-19 inches, and it is relatively tall as compared to other dog breeds. It has a long body with a tail that is short and ends at the center with medium sized ears that protrudes on its flat head which is full with a powerful jaw. The pit bull is believed to have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. Pit bulls are known to be athletic canine breeds with genuine personality and protective because once it is conversant with a person, for instance, a baby or the owner they stay around them for security and they can quickly chase away any threats around the people they are loyal.

The dog has a joyful temperament and creates a friendly environment among those who interact with it. Regardless of its protective nature it lies to please people and whenever ant persons around it runs up and down with an attempt to bond with them. The animal has a high desire to prey because of its nature of being bred to chase and overrule livestock: it is not aggressive towards people and amicable and affectionate to children. On the contrary, it can be very wild to other dogs but can be trained at a tender age to socialize with others. Due to its energetic, athletic and preying nature, the pit bulls should be regularly taken for exercise to keep them from engaging in destructive behaviors. If they are left dormant, they develop aggressive responses because of the desire to participate in activities driven by their energy. It should, therefore, be regularly taken for walks to make them friendly and use their power in socialization.

Health wise the pit bull has a longer lifespan than other dogs because it can stay for more than twelve years. It is due to its athletic body which is hardy and resistant to diseases. However, research indicates that the breed can easily suffer from skin conditions such as mange and other skin allergies because of its short coat that is easily penetrated by dirt which causes skin conditions. It can also suffer from bone ailments such as kneecap dislocation, hip dysplasia among others. It is also known for thyroid and heart defects which are ailments that frequently attack that prevalently attack the breed. The pit bull, therefore, needs exceptional care to promote its health and ensuring that it achieves the longer lifespan.

It is important to note that the pit bulls have been nuanced by different media houses based on their unique features and the active role they played in human lives. The pit bulls can only be friendly when they are trained to socialize and interact with people. Because of its energy and active nature, it needs to be regularly exercised, and this will hinder it from being aggressive to people and other dogs. Only those who are active in the training of the pit bulls experience the positive part of the activities that the dog can perform. Regardless of their aggressiveness the pit bulls are amazing breeds that have a rich history from their origins to the activities they carryout out in peoples homes.

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