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Essay Sample on Phenomenology Qualitative Research

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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The type of qualitative research conducted involved phenomenology whereby semi-structured face to face interviews was conducted. They were then transcribed to verbatim. There was no specified set of questions to be asked of the participants. The interview used open-ended questions to engage the participants. Semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted on the participants. The study uses a phenomenological technique which combines both descriptive and interpretive approaches (Leedy & Ormrod, 2016).

The participants in the study were infertile women that were able to conceive using ARTs. The sampling method was purposive and consisted of twelve women. The first inclusion method used was an examination of previous medical records for the participants. The participants were also given an opportunity to decide the interview time. The interviews are done privately at the clinic by the first author. The study recognized instances of data redundancy among ten participants but for assurance purposes to extra interviews were conducted.

The interviews were semi-structured conducted over a three month period in a total of 17 sessions for each participant. The in-depth interview duration lasted around 25 to 45 minutes. After each interview, field notes were written, recorded and transcribed verbatim immediately (De, 2016).

Van Manen interpretative phenomenological approach was used in data analysis. The line by line approach was used in the process of isolating important concepts. This was achieved by;

Concentrating on the phenomenon that is of deep interest. The researcher consistently concentrated on assisted pregnancy, especially after if the woman was previously infertile.

The phenomenon was in question could be conceptualized as seen with the issue where women experiencing the phenomenon were invited to participate.

The research also reflected on the main themes to understand the phenomenon. By understanding the nature of assisted pregnancies, the researcher was able to uncover other themes.

The research was able to describe the phenomenon in detail through writing. The researcher ensured that through the analysis he was able to bring out the nature of the phenomenon properly.

Throughout the research, the study maintains a secure connection with the phenomenon being studied. The researcher concentrated on the experience of women who had an experience of ARTs.

The context of the research was also balanced in such a way that it was possible to examine the relationship between the different aspects of the phenomenon.

Concepts under Investigation

The concept in question is the use of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). The main contents of the concept included achieving peace of mind in life, the realization of dreams and feel of paradox. The research also looked at how infertility affects couples psychologically especially women. The fear of pregnancy which results in stress was also investigated. Socio-cultural factors were also examined and their relationship with pregnancy failure. The central concept was the use of Assisted Reproductive Technology and its various implications.

Improving Scientific Merit

To improve the scientific merit, it is important to address a specific knowledge area of importance to the topic. The study should be able to identify key areas of interests that appeal to the scientific community. Only known scientific principles should be used in the research to make it credible (Leedy & Ormrod, 2016). The evidence obtained should be outlined in the study in a way that makes sense logically. The research should be able to demonstrate the useful knowledge in the study. It should avoid being repetitive and using old information but rather should present new ideas. The research should use only well-qualified researchers to avoid conducting misguided studies.



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Leedy, P. D., & Ormrod, J. E. (2016). Practical research: Planning and design.


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