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Paper Example on Gender Disparity

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Gender disparity is evident in the featured data pertaining the faculty salaries. Also, this is because women are seen to be suppressed by men in regards to the amount of finances they attain as wages and salaries. Additionally, the first indication of such a disparity is represented by the total number of female employees functioning in the organization in comparison to men. In this case, there are 194 men in the institutions faculty whereas there are only 110 women in this same faculty. Subsequently, this means that cumulatively, all men in the faculty are earning more money as salaries compared to women.

Additionally, the salaries of the faculty members vary with the rank assigned to each person. Also, the four featured ranks, in this case, include the professor, associate professor, assistant professor and instructor. The chart below portrays the differences in the numbers of men and women who work at the organization as well as the differences in the numbers of both genders based on the four ranks.

Gender Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor


Male 115 43 24 12

Female 28 45 28 11

In respect to the collected statistics, it is evident that the number of men functioning in the professors position is far higher than the number of women working in the same position. Subsequently, it is evident that the cumulative earnings of the men in the faculty are so high compared to the earnings of women. Ultimately, from the analysis, it is evident that men have held their ranks longer than their women counterparts, and they have also attained a higher nine months base salary compared to women. Lastly, more men than women have a terminal degree, which is also a factor that has enabled them to secure higher salaries than women. Conclusive, it is valid to say that the disparity in the payment of men and women at the faculty raises a concern and it needs to be addressed.

2.0 Economic Development

The total number of the households collected was 500. Additionally, the variables used were family size, approximations of the households within the neighborhood, indications of whether the individuals owned or rented their homes as well as gross annual income amount of the first household wage earners. Additionally, others included the gross annual income of the second household wage earners, total indebtedness, monthly home mortgage as well as monthly average expenditures on basic utilities. Moreover, from the analysis of the provided data, it is evident that the differences in the household differ by location based on the amount of income attained by each household, monthly payments and level of debt earned by each household.

3.0 Mutual Funds

Large Capitalization Growth Value

Mean Value Computation 7.0 17.5

Mid-Capitalization Growth Value

Mean Value Computation 9.1 15.5

Small Capitalization Growth Value

Mean Value Computation 11.6 16.5

From the analysis of the 868 different funds, it is evident that there exists a big difference between the growth and value funds investment. Also, in the analysis of large, medium and small capitalization, it is evident that the returns that will be attained by an investor for his or her capital will be influenced by the objective of his or her invested funds. Additionally, this is because investors who will prefer to attain future or long-term earnings will be best suited for investing in the growth mutual funds. Additionally, in such a case, the investors for the growth capital investment will attain their proceeds from future capital appreciation. On the other hand, the investors of the value-capital investment are likely to secure their earnings from dividends, current earnings or sales of the corporations products. Also, investing in value stocks will be appropriate if the investors investment objective is short term. Moreover, the earnings of value stock investment will be higher compared to that of growth capital investments.

4.0 Target Marketing

In this case, 24% of customers have a high income while 17% are well educated. Also, those who are both well-educated and high-income earners are 12%. Additionally, this statistic indicates that the strategies being employed by the marketing corporation are under-reaching its targeted population. Subsequently, by targeting high-income earners, the marketing corporation will not have to worry about the well-educated segment of the population since they constitute only a small segment of the targeted population.

Well Educated Less Educated

High Income Earners 12% 12% 24%

Low Income Earners 5% 71% 76%

17% 93% 100%

Based on the figures presented in the chart above, if the marketing corporation changes its target from the well-educated to high income earning segment, it will secure an additional 7% of the targeted customers. Nevertheless, if the corporations marketing plan would have been restructured to include the well-educated as well as the high-income earners, then the number of customers that would be attained would increase. Additionally, this is by a proportion of 12% more than the original plan to make a total of 29%.

5.0 Effects of Smoking

The chart below represents the original record of the probability collected by the intern. Additionally, the probability of (Dead|Smoker) =0.2388 or equivalent of 23.8%. On the other hand, the probability of (Dead|Non Smoker) = 0.3142, which is also equivalent to 31.42%. To remedy the findings of the analysis it would have been appropriate to introduce the grouping sections of the sample population based on their age groupings. For instance, persons aged from 18-34, 35-54, 55-64 as well as 65 and above. The rationale for the introduction of these segments is based on reason that the likelihood of death due to smoking increases with the increase in the age of a person. As such, the computations of the intern were collect but they would have been clarified through the addition of age statistics segments of both the smokers and nonsmokers.

Smoker Alive Dead Total

Yes 443 139 582

No 502 230 732

Total 945 369 1314

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