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Marketing Essay Example: Ford Motor Company's Marketing Strategy

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Plan for Collaboration

The team will be working together during the block week. The team met during the previous week to sum individuals drafts. The team agreed to use three major sources During the coursework namely; The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, Red Ocean Traps and Creating a Strategy That Works. As a team, we intend to use our human resources and the available time to realize the goals for the week. The team will be researching The Ford Motor Company. The team will focus on the marketing strategy used by the company. Also, we shall provide a comparison of the marketing mix strategy used by The Ford Motor Company to the red ocean model derived from the readings.

The Three Sources Selected by the Team

The team found the reading on Creating a Strategy That Works written by Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi to be crucial. The source acknowledges the struggle that businesses face in creating a responsive strategy. The authors provide a concise account on how to come up with a responsive strategy for a business. The team settled on using this source because it will provide a reliable basis for comparing the strategies used by the Ford Motor Company and the ideal strategy model learnt in the resources provided to determine the extent to which the company deviates from the ideal models and the effects that come as a result.

In another source written by Michael Porter; The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, the author describes five forces that are key to consider in creating or embracing a strategy. The forces include the threat introduced when new competitors enter the market. The force created by new competitors is crucial, and a company should be sure to have a mechanism to curb, withstand or eliminate potential threats. A company should also consider the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers alike because they have the potential to make demands that without a strategy would fail an enterprise. Having substitute products in the market might also overshadow the significance of a firms products and as a result, minimize the sales turnover.

The source; Red Ocean Traps is written by Kim, W. Chan., Mauborgne and Renee. The source argues that a red ocean strategy is aimed to outshine market competition. The team decided to choose this source for the project since it addresses key factors necessary to survive in a competitive market. The information is significant when analyzing the survival tactics of Ford Motor Company. Further, the article suggests that the models are likely to work best in mature markets like the case with the teams case study- Ford Motor Company. It provides insightful information on surviving in the red ocean or competitive markets as well as crucial tactics to venture into blue oceans or less competitive markets.

Ford Motor Companys Marketing Strategy

The company settled on using the Ford Motor Company, an enterprise that deals with designing, manufacturing, marketing and financing motor vehicles including cars, trucks, crossover, Lincoln luxury vehicles, and SUVs. The company focuses on producing vehicles that meet necessity, strength, size, speed, quality, passion and appealing to their consumers (Bhasin, 2018). Products that meet these qualities are high levels of competition from other firms in the industry like Toyota and General Motors.

To curb the competition, the company uses marketing mix strategy. Ford motor uses its high technology and variety of manufacturing plants to produce some of the best vehicles in the market. Some of the companys exceptional products include the ford family with a wide range of cars like Land Rover, Jaguar, and Volvo (Ivanco, 2017).

In their production, Ford focuses on using localized features that fit the local driving conditions of the target market. Ford products have an exceptional feature and reputation when considering durability and affordable maintenance costs. According to (Bhasin, 2018). The company has been making a significant improvement in the vehicles fuel efficiency, air conditioning systems and environmental responsive materials.

The company seem to have considered its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats when choosing the market mix strategy. Some of the strengths that give the company advantages is its crucial contribution to the motor vehicle industry. As at 2015, the company was ranked fourth in the industry (Ivanco, 2017). The company prides itself on the production of fuel-efficient vehicles that are safe, responsive to technology development and meet customers expectations. Also, the company has reliable patents. As a manufacturing industry it has a high inflow of patent applications. The company provides patents of five and a half years. Other strengths include having access to new technologies which creates a boost and cuts on competition. The new technology provides unique opportunities like Eco Boost, hybrid powertrains, plug-in hybrid powertrains and six-speed transmissions. Also, the company is advantaged as it has a 7.2% market share as of 2015 (Ivanco, 2017). The product portfolio is huge and hence provides a variety of options for the customers. The variety includes full-size pickups, buses, SUVs and heavy-duty vehicles.

Some of the companys weaknesses include product fails and emerging markets. In product fails, the company has experienced tolls when customers require that it takes back their cars due to faulty performance or insecurity. Having alleviated numbers of recall tarnishes the companys and brands image. With emerging markets presents a new requirement for the company to venture and reach out to potential customers. The company is not adequately presented in the emerging markets. It would be crucial to focus on increasing global market share and overall revenues by venturing into new markets.

Some opportunities for Ford motor company include room for expansion. For instance, according to (Bhasin, 2018), the company made a decision to invest $2.5 billion in making new engines and transmission plants in Mexico. Also, the company invested in $2.6 billion for manufacturing operations in Spain. Exploring such opportunities is a chance for the company to use technology like hybrid, electric and fuel cell to compete favorably in the industry. Global automotive is also an opportunity for the company to realize significant improvements in annual revenues.

Some of the threats include strict environmental regulations meant to conserve the environment. The laws are stringent and the company doesnt have a choice other than adhering to the rules which is costly as it requires changing production schematics. Also, in the global economy the company has been going through a slowdown with only 67 plants globally (Ivanco, 2017). It is also crucial that the company keeps checking the prices of the vehicles and act accordingly to curb the effects of fluctuations. The levels of competition are on the rise and this proves to be a threat to Ford motor company as well.


The market mix strategy may be a responsive mechanism for the company to survive in the industry and compete favorably. The company has the chance to explore effectiveness of using strategy modes like blue ocean and red ocean models. The concepts in these models will provide an opportunity for Ford Motor Company to enhance its performance by addressing key concerns outlined in its SWOT analysis.



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