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Essay on Motivational Talks

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Kelly Bloom: Lost and Found: Awakening the In-between

Kelly Blooms Lost and Found: Awakening the In-between Ted talk is a conscientiously hilarious and thought-provoking motivational talk. Kelly humorously tells the audience that she was a computer science dropout and that her second attempt at school forced her into studying about leisure and parks, a field of education in which she holds a Ph.D. From her perspective, Kelly claims that parks and other recreational facilities are among the few places that individuals are free to be truly themselves. Following my visit to parks, I realized that the natural environment awakens the human spirit and releases the mind from all the troubles and hustles of the cosmopolitan cities. The natural sceneries allow me time to reconnect with nature and find respite from the stressors of the daily life.

There are many goals that I would wish to attain before my expiry from the world. My ultimate goal is to achieve academic excellence in my career, an aspect that will propel me into leading a financially stable life in the future. However, in-between, I would wish to be a prominent business person. I am particularly obsessed with traveling and exploring new places, and therefore I desire to establish a tours company. Since the dawn of the human species, humankind has always shared an innate trait, the desire for exploration. As a result, I intend to launch a firm that can advise individuals of new holiday destination based on their hobbies, choices, and preferences. To achieve my in-between goal, I intend to enroll in a degree program in tours and travel. Additionally, I will act as a volunteer worker in international tours company, to acquire the relevant experience in the tourism and travel industry. With the help of my friends, I will compile photos and video clips of the holiday destinations that they have visited and inquire about their experiences during the visits. I will then plan visits to each of the destinations to explore the facilities, the sceneries, and the overall condition of the place so that my firm can be able to offer first-hand information about the various holiday destinations.

Philip Krinks: Finding Your Personal Mission in Life

On the other hand, Philip Krinks Ted talk on how to find your personal mission in life is very educative. The speaker recounts his work as a management consultant and how he eventually quitted the job and ended up being a Christian pastor. Although Krinks was happy and successful in his consultant career, he realized that the job didnt match his personal mission. The speaker relates that he decided to become a pastor after conducting a reflective journey of his mission in life.

Personally, I sometimes feel lost or develop a feeling that something is missing in my life. I feel that I should be an embodiment of change in the world that I live in, but not sure how to achieve it. As a result, I sometimes feel numb and desperate for a deeper connection with the society. However, all thanks to Krinks talk, I have now known that the greatest days in life is when one was born and the day that he/she discovers his/her purpose. From the talk, I have deduced that I cannot just think about my purpose and passion in life, I have to act and force my way towards achieving my happiness. This will require me to take one step at a time and will have to leave behind all the things that I dont like. Remarkably, Krinks talk has accentuated the importance of self-reflection in realizing ones purpose and mission in life and achieving it all-together.


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