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Dreams This Week - Personal Essay Example

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Vanderbilt University
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I usually do not dream so often, but I occasionally do. This week I had two dreams which I could efficiently recall once I was up, and I put them in the journal.

First Dream

A sunny Friday afternoon, I was ushered into a hall, in a political environment with extreme cheers. I had held various far-left political ideologies, which agitate for creating an equal society. In particular, I had been extensively involved in pressuring the government to cut taxes on the middle class and increase them on the upper class and other corporations which I felt were reaping too much. In a society where income inequality was on the rise, where people are finding it hard to meet their basic needs like housing and healthcare, the majority were happy that I have been on their side. It was my time to affirm my position in a final address leading to the elections in the region where they will be electing their representative. I took to the podium amidst intense cheers from a multitude of crowds, and other organizers on stage. I offered a very passionate and emotional speech that made a good number of people in the crowd to visibly shade tears. I was equally emotional, but in their eyes, I saw the hope they had in me, the belief they had that I stood for everything that is affecting their life. The chants, the praises were an indication I would deliver the seat. It was an ecstatic experience, recalling that it was not the first time I was pushing for the agenda, I almost shed tears. But the atmosphere was promising. Just before I would emotionally exit the stage while greetings thousands of people, I work was just a dream!

Second Dream

It was a family gathering, happening in the outskirts of the city in a popular resort. It is mandatory that everyone attends, given it happens once in two or three years. Our grannies, mothers, aunties, cousins and everyone is in attendance. Due to multiple commitments which includes school, work, and other personal issues, it has been long since most of us met. So, we are catching up, updating each other about life and other things. Somehow, I am happy that so many of my relatives are doing well. My agemates are doing well in school. But the situations bring me into the reality that I am not on toes with them; others seem to be ahead of me a class or two. The feeling is frustrating. How have they been able to do so well and be ahead of me? I keep asking. However, as we catch up we know later in the day we shall converge at the same table, and get the chance for an overall introduction. That is the time am not looking forward to; I already feel like I dont have much to share, compared to everyone in the group. Nevertheless, we later converge, and everyone starts the introduction, briefly stating where they are, what they are doing and what not. It is a chilling moment, seeing every senior relative sitting directly over me. Just when I about to stand up and start my introduction, someone hits the door and I wake up, and that is it. Tense moment cut short.

These dreams were in color, potentially a reflection of my life frustrations, or what I espouse most in life. Even reflecting back on other dreams, the follow the same pattern. Real life events, and how they turn out nice and frustrating at points.

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