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New Year - New You. Article by the Community Health Coach.

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For this article, I want to reacquaint myself with you, give you the insight into my journey & share with you my intentions for us for 2018. To most of you, I am not a new face or name to our community, the medical field and probably not to the health and fitness industry. I have lived in Meridian my entire life except for my college days in Oxford Mississippi where I obtained my Exercise Physiology degree and became a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. I am also a head coach; having received a health coaching degree through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My coursework of becoming a health coach was a constant evaluation of my life, my experiences, my relationships, and my happiness to this point. I learned you are the only person in control of your happiness, the way your life ends up, and ultimately the person you are. When you are faced with the thought you will be a person of influence whether good or bad we'd better be a good one because our youth need that. I allowed this role to improve and change me. I have acquired I have numerous certifications as well as 40 years experience as a full employee. I was also determined to spend my after-job hours to offer training to different groups of people at home, their outdoors, at the running clinics and sports.

My dedication and relentless efforts to work as a trainer throughout this period hinge on my knowledge and belief on the importance of fitness. The importance of fitness cannot be emphasized enough. The todays society is rapidly moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle, and there is a substantial need than ever to increase the daily activity to maintain the general body fitness and body weight. Fundamentally, physical fitness allows you perform daily activities and face physical and emotional stress during the moments of increased intensity. If you are physically fit, then you will have a good physical and mental health. It means that you will be able to carry out your activities in a more efficient manner. As a physical trainer, I often describe the general body fitness as the capability to conduct your everyday functions energetically and vigilantly through keeping extra energy to do other leisure time activities and the emergency needs. Other benefits include maintaining the most optimum weight, reducing the exposure to cardiac and other health problems.

It is, however, important to note that becoming physically fit requires a change in lifestyle besides. As an individual who desires for a good life will have to incorporate a regular exercise routine in their lives as well as eating healthier. For instance, you should avoid fizzy drinks, bad habits like smoking and alcohol. You should also be able to adequate amount of time to rest. Engaging in activities such as fishing, bicycling, swimming and hiking is essential. As part of the New Year's resolution, I encourage you to work out, lose weight, eat healthier and ditch fast food, spend more time with family and less tech time, expand your savings and reduce unnecessary spending, etc. These are not on me anymore, and I encourage you to dig deeper this year and don't let those be your primary focus either.

As a columnist for the New Year New Year Edition, I will be able to provide you with the necessary, proper and sufficient information which will help you in various issues that include general weight issues, healthy eating habits and the right diet, spending leisure time, and general body maintenance techniques to remain healthy. You can utilize this information to attain your physical fitness through participating any regular exercising. However, you should keep in mind that while working towards your body fitness, there is the list of components that you have to keep working at optimum levels for a good body health. These include composition, muscular strengths, flexibility, and muscular and the cardiovascular endurance. Your general level of body fitness depends on the manner in which the five areas mentioned above are executed. Youre not likely to benefit fully when you concentrate in only one or two areas. It needs a more excellent combination of both the aerobic and anaerobic exercises to achieve the full fitness.

I will, therefore, be glad to have your questions answered and your issues solved. I want to be all that a health coach is for my community in 2018 and with each edition speak to the areas of your life that you may be needing help. I look forward to investing in you and witnessing your growth this year by you investing in yourself. I look forward to hearing any ideas suggestions, or questions you may have. I can be reached at or Optimal I look forward to helping you make your life better in 2018 through health and love.



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