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My Hero - Essay Sample

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When I think of the word hero, I think about someone who is admired for their notable qualities and remarkable achievements. Well, the only person who comes to my mind is my mother. Over the years as I have grown up, I have held on to her as my primary source of inspiration and motivation. She does all the motherly duties such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of me and my sister. Nevertheless, there are two things, which she does that make her my hero. Besides that, being raised in Kurdish, for most parts of my life, my mom made sure that I was safe. I am an only child and she is a single mother. I have watched her struggle to put food on the table. Even though most people consider their mom to be the best, I consider mine to be special for a myriad of reasons that I will mention in the paper.

My mom is my hero because she gives me courage. Kurdish was not the safest place to live because of the violence that persists in the country. We used to live in the capital Erbil where the Kurdish insurgents were in plenty. I used to live in fear because I never knew when violence would spark. Practically, my mom gave me the opportunity to stay strong despite the fear that was in her and the rest of the community. She used to tell me everything will be fine and that she will give me a good life very soon. Even so, coming from a middle-class family, my mom struggled to put food on the table. Sometimes, she used to starve herself so I could have food in my belly. My mom was never cruel. All my life, she has never yelled at me for doing something wrong. Instead, she used to tell me the difference between right and wrong. In fact, she gave me the best advices in life.

Furthermore, I consider my mom to be my hero because she gave me the courage to learn. Sometimes, tuition money was difficult to find so my mom used to help me revise my previous work so when I resume school, I never forgot whatever I learned. Every evening, after she came back from doing casual jobs, she asked me to bring my books and pens. We used to revise one subject at a time for about one and half hours. I would meet up with some of my friends from school after they were through with tuition. On a broader perspective, I never felt like I used to miss out in school because I used to meet my friends and get to revise my work at the same time. I remember after a while of studying, I became tired of studying at home. Here is an excerpt of a dialogue.

Me: mom, I need to go back to school, I am tired of studying at home.

Mom: my child, I will try as much as I can to raise tuition money for you to resume school.

Me: alright mom.

Mom: do not be angry my son. I promise you that I will try my best to give you a good life.

Me: alright mom.

Mom: learn to persevere. It is a significant quality in life. When I help you study in the evening, I want you to remember every concept that you learned in the classroom. Education is very important my child.

Me: okay mum. I have listened to you.

When I used to complain about studying at home, I never understood why I could not go to school. I knew that money was a problem but I could not understand why my mother could not raise it for my tuition. However, today, I am grateful for the struggles she went through to ensure that I learned even though I could not step in school. Eventually, my mom made sure that she gave me a good life. We relocated to the US in 2014 where I received my high school diploma and joined college this year.

Overall, the greatest gift that a mother can give their child is confidence. My mom is my hero because she made me who I am today. She encouraged and supported me throughout my life when I came across difficult tasks. Honestly, I never envisioned myself being enrolled in college. In essence, without my mom, I would not have had the values that I possess over the years. I know that there is no possible way to repay my mom for the values she instilled in me and the courage she gave me. No other person I have ever encountered in my life has helped me as much as my mom has. Through college, I still hear my mom telling me that everything will be alright. My hope in the future is that I will manage to create a positive impact on my children and become their hero as well.

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