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Essay Example: TV Advertising Campaign of Coca-Cola Company

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Advertising is a way in which companies reach out for customers to embrace their products in which it directly increases sales as the company enters new market segments. The media of advertising is determined by time, market understanding, budget, company objectives and planning. However, there are different modes of adverting. They include; radio. Television, print, outdoor, and the internet.

Coca-Cola Company is one of the worlds largest beverage manufacturing company. The company offer a range of products globally, namely; Coke, Fanta, Krest, Sprite, Stoney and more recently diversified into drinking water bottling (Bailey, 2014). In order to reach their customers in every corner of the world, the company, run very successful and the best commercials all over the world each year. Additionally, the company has a vast market share globally, indicating that it can be consumed everywhere in the world. In order to gain more market share, the company has run many campaigns over the years gaining customer trust and adoptability using its digital initiatives (Moth, 2013). In 2012, the company decided to take an advantage of the Olympic Games dominated by teenagers based on their social values. The campaign named Move To The Beat featured Mark Ronson and Katie B together five Olympics participants to use music as a mode of storytelling (Moth, 2013). The featured campaign involved five key elements: a documentary, the song, TV commercials, Beat TV, and mobile apps (Moth, Coca-Cola reveals lessons learned from its London Olympic marketing, 2013).

The campaign yielded impressive results to the company where there were more than 25 million views on the web and 1220 people subscribed to the companys cannel. Additionally, Coke become the second most talked about brand during the Olympic Games period. Furthermore, the companys social media response was amazing, with 39 million impressions on Facebook and 546 thousand interactions on YouTube and Beat TV combined. Move to the beat attained 256 thousand time mentions on Facebook. The company attracted 1.5 million more fans on Facebook and 21 thousand followers in Twitter. The camping finally gained 245 million searches and 561 thousand clicks and a Clickthrough rate (CTR) of 0.2% (Moth, 10 inspiring digital campaigns from Coca-Cola, 2013).

Growth of Coca- Cola Company lies primarily on its advertising strategies. In 213, the company spent $3.37 billion on advertising, which is 7% of its 2013 revenue (Bailey, 2014). Additionally, coca- Cola makes its brand recognized globally by partnering with international games like the famous 92,000- mile Coca-Cola FIFA World cup trophy tour in 2014 before the Russia FIFA WORLD Cup competition commenced (Bailey, 2014). Another famous campaign was Share a Coke which allowed customers to put their names on bottles for those of their family and friend. This made the customers personalize their products gaining a bigger customer segment.

In conclusion, the company adversities their products through five main ways; reaching customers through advertisements on TV or posters; sponsoring sports events; online promotion like social media; selling the companys collections and local promotions by bottlers and retailers in respective countries (Rodrigo, 2012). The company run campaigns to increase sales, encourage confidence and trust in its products and services (Rodrigo, 2012)/



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