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Research Paper Sample: Next Revolution in Political Campaign Strategy

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Sewanee University of the South
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Research paper
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A strategy refers to a given plan that has been chosen to achieve the desired outcome in the future which could be a solution to a particular problem or achievement of a goal. A campaign strategy is a proposed method that should be employed to emerge victorious in an election. An election strategy is mostly motive by the understanding of who will vote for a particular candidate and the reason why they have to vote for the candidate. This essay discusses the next revolution in campaign strategy, why I consider running for a public office and plan working on a political campaign.

According to my understanding, the next revolution in campaign strategy means the situation whereby the campaigns will be conducted through digital means and forms leaving behind the traditional ways. The next revolution in campaign strategy will lead to the modernization of politics and be more innovative through the creation of tactics and strategies that will perfectly fit in the environment that we live in today. Revolution in campaign strategy will offer a better platform that will enable a candidate to have a higher opportunity to win an election. Revolution in campaign strategy, for example, will involve advertising of the candidate in various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, holding interviews with the candidate on national TV where the candidate gets a chance to air their manifestos to the public. Next revolution in campaign strategy will also involve a situation whereby the candidate liaises with various communication companies and have them send text messages to people seeking for their votes (Howard, 2005, p.160).

Advertising of the candidate on various social media channels will help reach a large number of people who live in different regions. This will be a great campaign strategy since the more people get the message there is a higher probability of having most of them for that particular candidate. The social media helps a candidate to reach out to people who do not know him and request them to vote for him. The other example of the next revolution in campaign strategy is the candidate being interviewed on different TV channels as well as radio stations. This will help the candidate to directly pass the message to the public. Through this the candidate has a chance to convince the public as to why they should vote for him and not another candidate by communicating to them what he plans to do for them once voted in and his manifestos. Sending of text messages to the public is also the next revolution in campaign strategy. Through this, a large number of people can get the message since most of the communication companies tend to have the private numbers of people (Howard, 2005, p.165).

The reasons that drive an individual to run for a public office tend to be very critical. One should have the right reasons to run for a public office to gain the support of the people which will result in winning that particular position. I would consider running for public office to help my community with the skills that I have and also advocate for causes whereby I will have a great impact on a given issue. The next revolution of campaign strategy influences my decision since I will be required to have access to resources especially money to be able to pay for my advertisement bills on social media, be able to travel to various radio and TV stations. I will also need the money to be able to pay the various communication companies. The revolution of campaign strategy will require I have a strong management team who will help coordinate different activities.

The reason I plan to work on a political campaign is to use my skills to help the right candidate win so that they can help the community and the entire public. Since am very creative I am in a position to present the ideas of the candidate I support in a resonating and succinct manner whether on the social media, on the TV or coming up with a slogan. The next revolution of campaign strategy influences my decision since it will require I be conversant with the use of social media since a politicians message can be lost quickly in todays digital world (Parente & Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014, p.35).

In conclusion, the next revolution campaign strategy is an excellent way of helping a candidate win during political campaigns as it helps reach out to a large number of people. The reason for running for a public office determines if one will win or lose. An individual should have adequate knowledge of how various social media platforms operates to be able to work on a political campaign easily employing the next revolution in campaign strategy.



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