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Essay on the Toyota Fortuner Advertisement

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i) The ambiance created by the image

The advert image above creates a comforting mood. Looking at how the vehicle is placed, its out there in the mountainous jungle and overseeing the city, yet looks strong and polished. This picture creates a mood of comfort and makes a person understand that the vehicle is unbreakable even in the mountains.

While purchasing vehicles, many people want a vehicle that is strong and comfortable. I mean where you can ride through swamps and deserts without much trouble. The Toyota Fortuner advert purports that the vehicle is very strong in any environment.

ii) Design element of the advert

The advert above observes a great deal of balance. It makes the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words, true. This is because we find the following pictures put together; A Street, where it is evening, an outdoor and kind of rocky environment, and a hilly or mountainous place where it is daytime.

All the elements are put together in a balanced manner. Despite being more than four, they fit in one picture perfectly without creating a kind of congestion. When you first look at the picture, you get to see the Toyota Fortuner vehicle. This vehicle serves as a center picture while the other elements act as supportive images and background.

Alongside these different images, the text is also added in a very balanced manner, such that it doesnt take much space but speaks adequately.

iii) The relationship between the text and pictorials

I also gather that there is a big relationship between the texts and pictures used in the advert image.

To start with, the advert text at the top says, TOYOTA FORTUNER-A LEAGUE OF ITS OWN. First, this text creates awareness that the vehicle is indeed a Toyota Fortuner. Secondly, from the text, we get to understand that the vehicle is in its league. That is brought out by the picture showing the vehicle standing imposingly and charismatically on its own without an accompaniment of other vehicles. Therefore that relationship of the vehicle is on its own and the text of it beings on its league offers harmony.

Another text reads, harmonious combination of ruggedness and refinement blended perfectly with unmatched luxury and unparalleled power. This information is perfectly portrayed in the advert image.

The element of ruggedness is portrayed with the fact that the vehicle is out there in a mountainous place. It shows that the vehicle has probably traveled dozens of miles from the city to a mountainous place, yet it is still polished, unbroken and clean. That also brings out the aspect of power in the vehicle. Despite covering miles, it is still strong and seems untouched.

Looking at the vehicle, it is pretty obvious that it is luxurious. It is well polished, clean and looks brand new. That is despite being in the outdoor environment that looks intolerant and rough.

iv) Use of space in the advert picture

I am impressed that despite the picture speaking volumes of words and information about the vehicle, the use of white space and content is perfectly balanced. It doesnt look crowded, and the basic elements of the advert are articulated. It is all about the vehicle being at the center of the picture and the background being the locations of the vehicle and some few relevant texts on top and in the bottom of the picture. This provides the fact that the use of white space is not too much yet not too little.

v) Signs and symbols

Looking at the picture, you can easily understand that it might have probably traveled from the streets to the mountain. The vehicle stands next to a mountainous place and overlooking the city with lights. From this pictorial information, we get to know that the vehicle traveled several miles. It is therefore capable of withstanding any environment, be it the city or the jungle.

Also, it looks polished in a rough environment. Normally, it would be expected that the vehicle would look so beaten because of the rough environment that it is currently situated.

vi) The action in the advertisement

It is clear that the vehicle has a moving posture. It could otherwise be placed in a parking or a show, but the advertisers opted to portray it in action. Looking at the vehicle, you get to create a picture in your mind that the vehicle traveled all the way from the city, where it was probably bought in the mountainous jungle. That is obviously a long journey. However, the vehicle doesnt look punctured, broken or exhausted but as if it flew to where it is situated. This is a good demonstration of action in the advert image.

Buyers will, therefore, be persuaded that the vehicle is a perfect one for all kinds of environments because of its strengths and power.

v) Aesthetic look and feel

I can bet that even if a person has no interest in cars, he/she will develop a big interest in the beauty of the Toyota Fortuner. This is because of the aesthetic feel and looks that the advert image portrays the vehicle. You can almost see yourself owning the smart and strong vehicle and traveling to different places of the world that you want.

For one, the city below with the cluster of streetlights creating a breathtaking view adds to the aesthetic value of the advert. In as much as it is communicating the fact that the vehicle is meant for any location, it also portrays and adds to the beauty of the vehicle. The sky also provides a wonderful kind of reflection of the horizon below. It creates a sense of naturalness and originality in the advert.

Looking at the sky, you can also see that one side looks cloudless and the other side is full of clouds. That factor passes a message that the vehicle traverses different weather and climatic conditions.

Also, the image of the vehicle is well polished and looks bright and clean. In addition to that, the vehicle looks as if to reflect light creating a shiny and impressive look.

vi) Economic and cultural attitudes

From the advert image above, I understand that the image creates an attitude that the vehicle is meant for India, because the second text reads, Presenting Indias most desirable SUV. I think the text would have been better off if it read, presenting the worlds most desirable SUV.' That way, it would be understood that the vehicle is actually from any country or race.

However, I like the way it places the vehicle in different kinds of environments. The environments portrayed in the pictures tell us that the vehicle can be used in all economic environments. The city below looks so rich and full of economic activity because it is lit up even in the night. That shows that the vehicle is relevant and good for the rich cities. Looking at the jungle in which it stands on, we also get to understand that the ruggedness of the environment is useful in low economic environments. I mean, if you are in a developing world where roads are not properly tarmacked, the vehicle can still come in handy.

vii) The theme of the advertisement

The theme of this advertisement is basically to present the Toyota Fortuner as the best vehicle for any environment. The single image is composed of the vehicle and the different types of environment namely; the city, valley, and mountains. If a person needs a luxurious vehicle which can withhold both the tolerable and harsh environments, they will find Toyota Fortuner as one of the best.



With this image analysis, one can get to learn a lot about advertising. I decided to break down the analysis into different kinds of elements to bring out what is important in creating an image advert. With the advert image of Toyota Fortuner, I observed the fact that it has followed most of the principles that a good advert image should have to the later. I guess that is worth learning from.


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