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Marketing Advertising Campaign - Essay Example

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By 2040, the worlds population is expected to reach 9.2 billion and this will create challenge in the education sector that needs solution. As the population grows, it is expected that quality education provision will be key. The university through the marketing faculty is uniquely and deliberately specializing their courses to find solution for the challenges. This campaign is aimed at examining diverse aspects marketing degree offered at our university from a business perspective and also evaluate our students experiences. The marketing department of the university has identified students, parents and academic sponsor as prospective clients and formulated ideas to communicate the benefits and selling points of our degree course.

Our Mission

The university strives to create influential contribution to the marketing understanding and effectively communicate to the students in various ways that rejuvenates their curiosity in a next generation of qualified professionals in the marketing sector. Our marketing faculty aims at achieving this mission through fostering an inclusive environment among scholars and marketing practitioners.

Objectives of the Campaign

The objective of the campaign is to increase enrolment and enhance brand identity. Enrolment marketing to the faculty is collective used by institution to attract and engage prospective marketing scholars. With the contemporary fast paced and the global environment, the university marketing approaches have a significant impact on the enrolment and recognition. The prospective students are unique, are highly mobile and connected and are aware of the traditional marketing approaches. Subsequently, potential students expect personalizes and high-value experience through the learning process hence the need to utilize current marketing approaches. The demand for marketing course from the local and international market also offers the university opportunities and challenges in equal measures to connect with new prospects.

Promo banner, Promo video, Facebook page, Promo business flyer, and Tri-fold board are on the forefront of this student enrolment campaign. At the institution, we understand that the contemporary enrollment marketing goes beyond recruitment. These marketing solutions are aimed at responding to the needs of the institution from diverse processes straight through to enrolment and retention at the faculty. The initial step is to focus on creating a sustainable relationship with the qualified enquiries.

With more than twenty year experience in the education sector, the faculty has the needed insight to help in the creation and nurturing of productive relationship with students. The marketing solutions provided request students to freely communicate with administration while providing them with quality information that assists students engage with the institution even before they are admitted to the school. The campaign works at developing a strategy that will optimize brand visibility and target prospective students.

Specific Campaign Goals

This prospectus provides specific goals that we aim at achieving after two years of operation. The faculty provides the relevant qualifications as we keep abreast with the rest to see how we can provide helpful solution to meet industry needs and those of our students. Through our mission, we will ensure we fulfill through research and training you achieve your dream, get to the world and take action.

Increase enrolment

Our marketing strategies require a substantial return on investment which is expected to convert to increased enrolment hence high-profit ratios. We expect to achieve a 40 percent increase in enrolment after two.

Improve courses awareness

Our marketing effort will be focused explicitly on invigorating interest in the programs that exist in the faculty or around which people have developed vulnerable attitudes. We will improve awareness of the degree program within the across the borders. The effort is further expected to increase awareness rating after two years.

Establish the faculty as an academic and thought leader in the marketing field

Our commitment is be an academic and thought leader in the marketing sector. The marketing faculty aims at becoming one of the best marketing institutions and thought leader in the marketing field. After this is achieved, enrolment is expected to increase significantly.

Brand management

Establishing a place in the mind of the public requires a substantial time as some marketing initiatives are aimed at maintaining prominence in the marketplace. We aim at achieving recognition across the globe using ads with images to remind the prospective students on our brands, rather than promoting a specific faculty or course. The objective here is to make the brand recognizable across the globe, with no further explanation.

Target market primary and secondary markets

Primary markets

Marketing is a generic process and includes different concepts which are applied to every organization (Blakeman 63). Universities are not exceptional and have adopted the conscious approach of strategic marketing planning. The identification of the target market is essential for the faculty in crafting an effective strategy that will help design the business model to allow a successful execution and accomplishment of the strategy further. Our business model is expected to offer essential information to the university administration in relation to the viability of the strategy set. In this case, therefore, it is imperative to select the market segment that the faculty plans to service which includes the online students and dual enrollees. Substitute marketing strategies are expected to vary based on the segments identified by the faculty that it aims at serving plus the demographic.

The marketing approach applied is expected to create values among university stakeholders who are prospective students, alumni, the employers and various financial supporters within the institution. As a state-supported college, the list involves taxpayers, the public and state legislatures. Because of the demographic factors, the university administration will find itself concerned with the prospective students only. We have created a conceptual framework that goes beyond the demographics. Through the understanding of the people served, the university has created offerings that satisfy the needs of the target market.

There has been a change in paradigm in the university sector as universities now travel to students rather than the students traveling to institutions of higher learning. This has necessitated a more flexibility and decentralized method in the marketing process. These are aimed at providing quality educational services for the students (Parente and Strausbaugh-Hutchinson 73). Here, the primary target for the faculty includes 18 and up enrollees which incorporate dual enrollees. Since the program is flexible and allows students to be enrolled in two different academic institutions, a larger portion of high school students aspiring to take college or university courses will be enrolled. Besides the dual enrolment, the program is expected to take advantage of the online course development aspect to acquire new and expanded market in the product life cycle. The online course is expected to dominate the market share in the coming years.

Secondary Markets

The university targets postgraduate students as the secondary market. This is expected to take about 30 percent of the total market. Through intensive marketing, the sector will achieve an increased enrolment, and eventually more revenue to the university.

Advertising Media Selection for the Campaign

We have incorporated various events that are modified to appeal to a broad pool of prospective enrollees. These events are aimed at attracting students to the program as well as increasing traffic to the university website as well as the Facebook page. In the end, the institution will be one of the best in the region.

Tri-fold board

Tri-fold board provides a good way of making an impression at conferences and crafts poster for marketing campaign. With different sizes, designs, and colors to use, this is a good match our programs. This will be placed at the entrance of movie theatres and exhibitions to entice prospective enrollees and further increase our dominance in the market. The tri-fold will include various causes offered and the benefits of enrolling and studying with us.

Promo video

When it comes to organization brand, universities and colleges find it extremely essential to stay relevant with effect to the effective marketing approaches applied. Whether starting a college or striving to increase enrolment, it is fundamental to get noticed in the market. We are aspiring to increase enrolment through the use of promo video and after two years, the faculty is expected to achieve an increase in enrolment and inquiries and ultimately boost the profile of the organization. Visual presentation will help potential clients easily remember the degree program offered at the institution.

We will use high quality videos to land to prospective students and penetrate more faster and within a period of two years, we expect to acquire a 40 percent increase in enrolment.

Facebook page

Currently, Facebook an advertising media that is widely used not only in the learning institutions but across other service and product producers. For this promotional activity, we have set it for usage to increase our market share from the social media users. Prospective students will visit our official university Facebook page and have a look at the different courses offered. With the utilization of Facebook, graduates from high schools will be encouraged to enroll. This platform will also help promote the different and the effectiveness of the learning environment towards achieving their career goals. Through Facebook also, students will receive a promotional code which will be used to implement 5 percent discount offer when registering for the degree program. We also expect Facebook to provide an avenue for promoting the institution as the best in providing marketing program in the region. Similarly, this strategy will provide a great platform to discuss with the prospective students their expectations in buildup to their courses. We aim at increasing our Facebook fans and transform them to enrollees.

Promo business flyer

Flyers are also essential in our marketing campaign. This is one of the tried and tested approaches in marketing that is effective and we will continue using them. This is because flyers reach a wider audience and provide a more excellent platform to reach audiences such as door to door, street distribution, and in-store distribution. For our case, we will use them in seminars and conferences which will be organized in high schools and colleges across the country. With this, we expect to attract students even before graduating at high schools and those who havent decided on courses to peruse. This approach is also less costly and will provide tangible evidence to our prospective students.

Promo banner

We will also utilize the promo banner to advertise the degree program to prospective clients around the institution. Even though the online platform provides a higher potential for growth of enrolment, the promo banner also has numerous advantages for institution growth and development. This is because the approach is less expensive, focuses on a target audience, delivers a repetitive message, is effective, and is reusable.

Banners have remained to be less expensive strategy of marketing as compared to other approaches such as radio or television ad. These banners will be displayed at shows and during our exhibitions to champion for registration to our degree program. The a...

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