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Response to the Admission Offer

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Vanderbilt University
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Critical thinking
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Education is quite imperative as it enlightens and empowers individuals. It is a powerful tool one can acquire, but it becomes, even more, a great gift if acquired from institutions with quality services. Education has propelled the development of nations. Following your letter dated [insert date], I write in response to the same in faith. I honestly thank you for offering me admission to business school at CSU [insert program] which commences on [insert start date]. This is one of the most admired institutions due to its impressive facilities. This would be an imperative opportunity to learn more about CSU business school. I, however, got to learn a bit during the application process. Nevertheless, after careful consideration, I have decided that I will be pursuing this program in a different institution.

Throughout my life, I have experienced situations whereby I have to make tough decisions especially when the choices to pick from are equally beneficial. But this was a more challenging one since every choice holds the potential to facilitate achievement of success. Both institutions fit my personal values, career ambitions, long and short-term goals. Notably, both institutions also offer a pertinent environment with skillful personnel and relevant resources to facilitate learning. Additionally, both institutions are quite competitive in light of transforming less skilled individuals into the human resource that are quite knowledgeable in their choices of career paths. As such, any of the two institutions would build a solid career path that one would come to be glad of many years down the line. That aside, I have to humbly inform you that I am taking up this course in another institution because it is more convenient to me in terms of accessibility, financial status, parents as well as influence from my academic guardian. I am sad because I will not be part of the great class of [insert program] that starts in [insert date]. I entirely acknowledge the effort the CSU admission personnel put into evaluating my profile and other applicants details. Emphatically, even with this decision, I still have so much respect for CSU and all the support staff, professors, instructors, and interviewers. I believe we will cross roads in the future as I plan to take up my graduate and further studies programs at the prestigious institution, CSULB because your business program is highly regarded to be quite proficient. I also believe your graduate school has better resources to offer compared to my options for that particular course.

As such, I take this opportunity to wish the incoming class the very best in the learning at CSU. I believe it is a team that would utilize the opportunity to grasp every detail and every learning opportunity would be quite interesting for all of them. They are such a lucky lot to have chosen the institution. If there is another formal procedure for tendering my withdrawal do not hesitate to inform me as I am a person who is quite straightforward and would not like to make mistakes. I like to remain in books for complying with relevant authorities through procedural methods outlined by any institution.

I am looking forward to your response. In case of any correspondence do not hesitate to reach me via my email.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely

[Insert Name]

[Insert Phone Number]


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