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Paper Example on Temple Mount

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Temple Mount is a site rated as the holiest among all that existed in Judaism. After Mecca and Medina, it is the third in terms of holiness in Islam and also revered to all Christians. Different religions and people know it about various issues and events that happened there and therefore refer to it using different names. These names were given according to three monotheistic religions. For instance, Muslims call it Haram el-Sharif meaning a Sacred Noble Sanctuary while Christians call it Mount Zion while to Jews it is known as Har HaMoriyah and Har HaBayiit. It houses the Al-Aqsa mosque and a shrine called the Dome of the Rock. In the seventh century, Jerusalem was conquered by Muslims and as it is their custom, a mosque was built on the spot. In Judaism, the holiest site carries the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock shrine on the exact grounds where the first two temples stood (Mezhir, et al, 2012).

Temple Mount is significant to Christians today because it is holy. The acts of worship done in the temple have brought about the unity of fellowship among the members of different religion up to date. Jesus who is God and also whom Christian emulate did several acts of worship there and thus Christians feel their freedom and protection in the Temple Mount. Christians relate this mount to show their strong faith in God such that they will never be shaken by temptations. To Christians, it also symbolizes the presence of God since it is where Abraham wanted to sacrifice his son Isaac when God showed him a lamb to spare the life of Isaac. Since Abraham is the father of faith in the Bible, this sacrificing act to God is emulated by Christians today by offering different things such as money in worship places.

Similarly, it is where Jesus held his Jewish childhood festivals. In the case place, Jesus gave his challenge differing with the authorities of the temple. This directly led to his arresting and crucifixion by the Jewish authorities. In the same temple surrounding, Jesus did the temple cleansing where he chased away merchants and people exchanging money. This is important to Christians as it shows the deployment of corruption by Jesus, through the authorities of that time.

In addition, the actual temple destruction done by Titus from Rome symbolized the fulfillment of Jesus prophecy. This adds the significance of the Temple Mount to Christians today.

To the Muslims, Temple Mount is seen as a sacred site where their prophet Mohammed ascended from to heaven. Initially, when Jerusalem was conquered for Islam by Caliph Umar, Temple Mount was chosen to be a worship place for Muslims. Furthermore, after the ascending of Mohammed to heaven, the Dome of the Rock was constructed over the Temple Mount. To the Jews, their first temple was built on the Temple Mount by King Solomon when his father, King David had bought a spot from a thresher on that mount. However, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon destroyed the temple. For a second time, another one was built after seventy years thus lasting until the 70 A.D when it was destroyed by the Romans. (Finkelstein, et al, 2011).

Today, the Temple Mount is a controversy center for many people. Following its importance to many, the question of who to own or use it has brought constant disagreements among the interested parties. Having in mind that each of the three monotheistic religions has some attachment to the site, they have been seen in endless arguments and imposition of some rules and policies to be followed. It has divided people over the centuries since the three religions want to have the place as their own for worship. There have been disputes over the place whereby only Muslims are allowed to worship on the hilltop site while Jews are not. However, some Jews believe and feel that they are most close to God when in the Temple Mount. They are therefore allowed to visit the place just like tourists but not praying on it. The Jews pray at the Western Wall which is below the Rock. It is evident that all the religions had this as their first places of worship but for maintenance of order, the authorities denied access to particular groups.

Research shows that Israel has divided on the issue of visits done to the Temple Mount. This has been on both political and religious grounds. A bigger percentage feels that prayer should be done away from that site while the minority argues that even if it calls for bloodshed, prayer should be allowed on the Temple Mount. Following a policy by the Israel authorities, an organization named Jerusalem Islamic Warf has taken control of the temple allowing only Muslims to pray in this place. This has greatly divided not only the Israelites but also brought about the conflict between the Muslims and the Jews.

There has also been violence brought about by the same issue between the Israel officials and Palestinian Authority. Each one of them has been blaming the other for stirring the violence where innocent people are being killed mercilessly by terrorists. It has been concluding that violence is being stirred up by the merciless attackers who represent their own administration. Recently when a policy was passed barring Jews from visiting the Mount, Israel saw that as a declaration of war. Jews have seen translated this to be a call for war to defend their rights of worship on the Temple Mount. Consequently, different parts of the world will continue to be put apart on religious grounds. The restriction was justified that their visits to the Temple Mount sites could contaminate Islamic worship. Despite the division of different religions and people geared the Temple Mount, this site has also placed a key role in uniting some people. For instance, the three monotheistic religions have become strong in protection of their worship rights by defending their faith. Muslims have been given much freedom to pray in the temple which has united them towards their staunch belief. Similarly, Jews stick to their recognition of the Temple Mount believing in unison that it is their holiest place to worship God (Welch& John W, 2016).

In the future, the Temple Mount will be used as part of the jurisdiction of Palestine. This is because the Palestinians have insisted that the capital of their entire future state will be east Jerusalem. Geographically, the Temple Mount and Jerusalems Old City are located in east Jerusalem, therefore, the Palestinian expect that this site would lie under their management and jurisdiction.

In 2011, when Barrack Obama, former United States of America`s president declared future borders to be based on lines in existence before the Six Day War of 1967, this implied that the U.S. was in support of the Palestinian to control the Temple Mount. On the side of Israel, that was a nonstarter. Following the witnessed disputes and violence emanating from the status quo of the Temple Mount, Israel police officers have been deployed to ensure security is maintained and the restrictions set are followed. Despite the prohibitions to some religious groups, there are still better ways to solve the hot contest and ensure that in future every group is at peace with the other. The future of the Temple Mount lies in the hands of the concerned authorities in order to unite people instead of on dividing them.

Being the holiest place in Judaism, to Jews the name Har HaMoriyah means Mount Moriah. Historically, it was a mount upon which Jerusalem was built. After being captured by David, the Ark of the Covenant was brought here to show the presence of God. The first and second temples were built on this place so the Jews can trace their origin of worship from the Temple Mount. The kings resided in Jerusalem since it was made the capital of their land. It is also the place where went to sacrifice his son, Isaac to God when requested to by Him. Corruption of Jewish authorities was made known on the same ground when Jesus cleansed the temple by expelling away moneychangers and other merchants who were trading inside the temple. Theologically, Temple Mount means a place for prayer and worship. Since it is considered holy God`s presence is believed to be there.

To the Muslims, the site is known as Haram el-Sharif meaning the Sacred Noble Sanctuary. This means that it is a holy place for worship. Theologically Muslims believe that this is the place where Mohammad was taken to heaven. It is supposed that Mohammad ascended to heaven after making a miraculous journey at night from Mecca heading to Jerusalem. Historically, the temple Mount housed the Al-Aqsa mosque and a shrine called The Dome of the Rock. Before the construction of this mosque, in Jerusalem, there was no other mosque for the worship of Muslims. This is why the Muslims took the temple with a lot of care and respect for providing a place to worship. The Dome of the Rock is a site showing the exact place Mohammad ascended to heaven. To the Christians, the Temple Mount is known as Mount Zion. Christians view this place as holy and only to be used for prayer and worship. According to the Christian doctrine, Mount Zion symbolizes a very strong support that cannot be shaken by anything. They believe the righteous and faithful to God are like this mount since that they can be shaken at any given time. Historically, it is a mountain where Jesus is believed to have attended his Jewish festival when he was still a child. According to the Christian doctrine, the Temple Mount means a holy and place full of God`s presence, therefore, should be respected and only visited for worship. In Judaism, the temple is of great significance as far as their doctrine is concerned.

In the old city, there exist central holy places for worship and prayer. Since the site houses several venues uniting the main monotheistic religions, this temple has played a key role in uniting people in Judaism. The creation of a doctrinal and historical relationship has been witnessed between the Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The temple is also a source of hope to the Jews in that despite their destruction and exile, they still think of rebuilt the fallen places of worship so as to pray together as before. In addition, the Jews hope to live with their freedom in their own land (Weisman& Alan, 2013).

In the history of Judaism, the Temple Mount symbolized the beginning of intensified worship since it there where the first temple stood. The place was inspiring as it was considered the house of God and the only gate to enter heaven. The Jews had established this place in the name of God thus signifying His presence. In the tenth century, the site became an important place in the history of Judaism since Jerusalem was made the national capital city and also a spiritual center. This was followed by celebrations of the Judaism festivals and different acts of poetry and music being done there. The Temple Mount served a common ground for unifying the Jews such that even after its destruction, they vowed never to forget it. In the present Judaism,

In Jewish history and traditions, it is recognized as the location for a larger number of important issues and events which took place in the Bible. This includes the dream of Jacob, Binding of Abraham`s son, Isaac, as well the prayer of Rebekah and Isaac. Similarly, the Bible records that King David bought a threshing floor from Araunah, a Jebusite which is historically stated to be located on this particular mount. According to documents, the Temple Mount is something that no nation can taunt Israel with a claim of it is stolen or has been purchased. Since King David was both a spiritual and political leader, he paid the cost of owning it full. Therefore the doctrinal important that the site was used for worship in the ancient past helps to preserve the respect and security of the Temple Mount. History as per the Bible, states...

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