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Intellectual Interests - Personal Essay Example

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Sewanee University of the South
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Learning involves understanding and enjoying the new knowledge that one can get in their area of study. Apart from attaining high grades, it is imperative to have a good experience in the college and to have a good experience in the learning process. Reading and discussing serious ideas in school can improve the rate at which people gain knowledge in their studies. The first intellectual interest is chess. I enjoy playing chess with my friends and analyzing the different ways to win and the best tactics to use. Chess improves the ability to think critically and enables one to be good in other subjects like mathematics and sciences. When people play chess, their right-hand side of the brain gets activated, and they get to think in a better way. The originality of the player is unleashed, and they get to think more rationally. Their creativity is increased, and they can think more reliably as compared to the others. Once a student has engaged in chess, they improve their problem-solving skills and they can participate I a higher level; studying activity like mathematics. The reason behind this improvement is that playing chess requires one to think fast and understand the parameters of the opponent which keep changing.

The other one is that I enjoyed studying mathematics. There has been a general notion that mathematics is a hard subject and this has affected the performance of many students. However, learning mathematics has been fun, and Cornell College of art and science offers the best environment to study mathematics. The resources available are enough to use on the subject, and I have a group of friends with whom we study mathematics. If a student concentrates in mathematics, they can deal with other tasks with ease. For instance, they can solve issues in their lives, and they become orderly in other things in life. They can look out for solutions in the things they encounter in life, and they can solve the things that seem complex to the rest. I have always felt that my lifelong skills have been improved after my interest in mathematics at Cornell College of art and science.

The other intellectual interest I have is studying science which gives me more knowledge in issues that matter most in life. In science, most of the things that appear complex are well explained, and one can understand the way things happen and why. For instance, it is possible to understand why a vehicle works the way it does and why. One of the various exciting areas of science is biology where one studies the functioning of the body and other living things. Cornell College of art and science offers enough resources for students to study science and understand the complex items. The college library, classes, and teachers are some of the factors that make the environment to be the best for the studies. For the three intellectual interests discussed above, it has been easier to attain high grades because I have more interest than in others. After understanding science, for instance, it has become easier to solve many practical problems and illuminate the world around me with the knowledge. It has also become easier to make informed decisions based on scientific evidence and not mere speculations. Most of the issues that affect real life issues can be solved using scientific and mathematical knowledge.

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