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Last Minute Search for Co-panellists for UK Childrens Hospital Society

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This is a discussion about the last minute call to form a panel for the Children History Society programme. Youth and Children on the move is the theme for the conference. The author is writing a paper about Greek adolescents and Adults who were placed for adoption by their relatives in the US as a way to help them migrate to the US. The author of the discussion is looking for other scholars who are working on similar topics like adoption as a migration technique or other modes of child migration as an aftermath of WWII.

Discussion Published by Patrick Cox

Kids Stuff in Contemporary Horror Films on Monday, October 30th, 2017

This discussion looks at the scary look found in childrens toys. According to Horror scholar Karren Renner, the answer lies in Freuds theory of the uncanny that shows a haunted rather than a cherished view of youth and childhood. The discussion is by the latest installment of American Childhoods. The discussion seeks the contribution of other scholars on the topic of Horror Films and how they affected Americas childhood.

Discussion Published by K Gemmell on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Historical Studies in Education

This is an invitation by K Gemmel for scholars to read the new release of Historical studies in education. The book which is Volume 29 of its series can be accessed through the link which has been provided by the publisher of the discussion.

Discussion Published by Emily Gallagher on Sunday, November 5th,2017

Must Reads of Childrens History in Collaboration with the Childrens History Society of UK

This discussion is informing the scholars in the network of the new initiative taken by the Children History Society UK. According to the discussion, this is the first step towards the list of Must Reads of Children History. The list is a collaboration from various children historians from America, Australia, and the UK. The discussion is looking to source the suggestions of other children Historians who have expertise in the field.

According to the discussion, books and journals are acceptable, but they are specifically looking for publications that scholars feel may have changed or contributed to a change in the way they view and understand the field of children history and children themselves. When completed the list will be targeting newcomers to the field but will be available for anyone interested. The suggestions are to be sent to the email or tweeted to Children's History Society UK at @histchild.

Discussion Published by Patrick Cox, H-NET VP and NET on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Blueprint for a Better World: Teenage Political Education in Magazine, 1944 1950

The discussion is informing scholars on the network of the latest installment of American Childhoods on H-Amsdy. According to the discussion, this is the first of a three-part series that traces the history of American teen girls that have engaged in politics. The Blueprint written by Tessa Mazey-Richardson covers the efforts of Seventeen Magazine editors to try and persuade teenage girls in America to take an interest and get involved in conversations about the formation of the United Nations and Atomic Energy. It also tried to get their response to the reactions to the political content posted by the magazine. These reactions were sent in the form of letters.

Discussion Published by Richard Jobs by Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Bibliography for Youth Mobility in the age of Empire

The publisher is building a secondary bibliography for an essay that discusses youth mobility. The publisher is asking for a collective effort on coming up with this bibliography. According to the discussion, mobility refers to anything touching on labor, tourism, study, travel or other that is related to global/transnational/imperial/post-colonial history of youth people. The publishers main focus is on youth. So he is calling on any other person with any expertise on youth mobility to contact him through his e-mail which he has provided.

Discussion Published by Victoria Holec on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Call for submissions: Neil Sutherland Prize for the Best Scholarly Article Published.

This discussion is calling for submissions for the Neil Sutherland award. The award is meant to honor Neil Sutherland for his pioneering work and contributions he made into the field of History of Children. The award honors the best scholarly article on the history of children. The History of Children and Youth Group association is charged with the mandate of awarding he prize at the 2018 meeting of awarding the prize.

The submissions are to be made in PDF copy to Jamie Trepanier who is the co-chair of History of Children and Youth Group. Self-nominations are allowed. The nominees are to write Sutherland Prize in the subject field of the email. The accepted articles are those are written in English and French between January 2016 and December 2017. Also among the aspects to be taken into consideration is the articles originality and its contribution to the field of history of young people. The award allows submissions from any period. It also allows submissions from any national or international context.

Discussion Published by Patrick Cox, H-NET VP and Editor on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Young Adult Literature.

The publisher is informing other scholars on the latest post on American Childhoods on H-Amstdy. According to the discussion, the post is part of a three-part series by Leah Philips theorizing young adult genre. Dr. Philips provides the conflicting views of the literature in, part 1, and defines it not as a genre but as a liminal field of literature and media.

Discussion Published by Lydia Murdoch

Call for Submissions: INCS Richard Stein Essay Prize

In honor of Richard Stein who is the founding principle of The Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Professor Emeritus of the University of Oregon, for the contributions he has made to the organization. INCS presents the INCS Richard Stein Essay Award. Richard Steins books and teachings have focused on the links contained in various Victorian literature, history, visual culture and other arts. In 1985 he came up with the idea of having a collaborative interdisciplinary study for the nineteenth century.

To qualify for the award, articles need to have been written in 2017 or edited in a collection published in 2017. To be eligible contenders must be 2017 members of INCS. A prize award of 500 dollars will be awarded. The winner of the award will be announced at the INCS conference that will be held in San Francisco in 2018.

Contenders are to send a PDF to Professor Narin Hassan, Georgia Institute of Technology no later than January of 2018. The email for the submissions is In the case of essays that appeared only online, a durable email address is acceptable.



Murdoch, Lydia. 2017. H-Childhood. 3 December. Accessed December Sunday, 3.



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