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Admission Essay Example: Physical Therapy School Admission

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Middlebury College
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Admission essay
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Physical therapy program is an activity that covers a multitude of individuals. The program is responsible for the various promoting services to socially, economically and culturally diverse people. However, many things distinguish me as a candidate or future clinician. I value much diversity and consider myself fit for the University of Washington DPT Program. I have much experience in different culture. I have therefore learned to respect and accommodate diverse people and their respective ideas. I had left my family in Korea to live with three different families while in high school. I have lived with a family that frequently went horseback riding and camping in the mountains. Besides, I have lived with a large Russian family that had ten siblings. I have learned to respect and embrace the uniqueness of each family. Therefore, my experiences make me cherish and embrace diversity.

My work ethics contributes to admission in the University of Washington and a candidate for the DP program. During my time in high school, I went to Moses Lake, Washington from Korea. Everything in the environment was new and strange to me. I had never had any experience before in the place. I had to put in much effort and create more time contrary to others to have excellent performance in class. During the night, after dinner, I created to embark on bookwork. I could spend the whole evening studying and doing my homework, as others were busy enjoying other things. I always believe in the value of making use of every single minute. I think I will cope with the level of academic requirement and performance that the University needs as my performance and cooperation will be higher.

I often face some challenges, but my response towards these problems is encouraging. No matter what kind of challenge I face, I have decided to work hard to overcome them. I know there are various academic challenges that a student meets, but I am mindfully prepared to meet the problem and emerge victoriously. Moreover, I do not keep quiet when in hard times. During my struggles, I sought help from the able people. Teachers, tutors, host families and friends were willing and ready to help me during the problems. I understand my environment and interact professionally.

Various traits and experiences make me qualify as a clinician. First, I have extreme care for fellow human beings. Since I have been in a state of helplessness, I often feel the need to help others since I also received help. The values for dignity and humane is my passion. I feel much passion for the weak and needy in the society. My heart grew towards fulfilling the needs of the community, which required much help. I have been handing out small care packages commodities like blankets, socks and wet wipes for the homeless with the help of a few friends in the past few years. Likewise, I began sponsoring two children, one in Iran and the other in India. I often support the health and education of the two children.

In many occasions, improving community health and providing care to the needy has been my goal in the field. When an individual is sick or has a problem in the society, as a clinician, I always reach quickly to help. In addition, I have much love for the suffering that flows deep from my heart. I work with the different organisation to promote healthy practices. I have also worked as a volunteer in the PT aide where I shadowed physical therapists in diverse settings. During the period, I worked with many different patients, which prepared me as a future clinician. Due to my close relationship with the senior therapists, I have learned to communicate and interact freely with majority especially the staff and patients. Volunteering and working as an aider created an opportunity for interacting with some different patients.

Conclusively, I have learned that working, as a clinician requires one to embrace teamwork. In as much as individual action is needed, collaboration plays a vital role. My belief in cooperation distinguishes me, as a future clinician. I will find it peaceful to live with others. I find teamwork essential for promoting vision and mission in the health center. I am a fan of games, and I played soccer and basketball in high school. I have learned that in collaboration how I play affects the whole team. I love teamwork as a way of developing ideas and sharing nursing practices to advance safety healthcare. If I do not play well, the entire team suffers hence I believe I can be a better clinician as I will act passionately to benefit others. In addition, I think teamwork is all about sacrificing for the sake of others. I will cooperate teammates who have diverse backgrounds. I will work hard and serve the patients with care.

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