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An Essay on Education: Education in the US vs. Education in China

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America has the reputation as one of the countries with the best system of education. Several students across the globe have been reported to prefer the universities in the US as the education centers. Therefore, those who are considered well educated in the nation are those who study in those universities with enough learning and teaching resources. The well-educated students usually join those universities which are fully funded and supported by the American government. These institutions maintain very high standards of learning thus imparting quality knowledge to their students. Furthermore, these universities have up to date and evolving classrooms to enable them to instill high morality, and professional discipline in each student admitted into the institution.

The well-educated people in the US get the opportunity to study in the universities that respect cultural diversity. Notably, all universities in the US ensure that diversity forms a key pillar upon which it is established. Being part of the learning institution sin the US gives the opportunity to be part of a class upon which students from all walks of life study. The students are usually of different ethnicity, religion or even nationality. The experience that the students of US origin get is thrilling since they interact with students from different and unique cultural backgrounds. The well-educated lot usually nurtures their openness and tolerance to different cultural practices and beliefs. They also get to learn languages used by different students to communicate in their respective countries.

Studying in the US guarantees one to have different experiences while in class. This is because the government through university management has heavily invested in the classrooms so that they can accommodate all students and up to date technologies. The classrooms are now equipped with the latest technology to facilitate the process of teaching and information dissemination. Furthermore, the classes are equipped with web internet so that the students can research and get acquainted with the latest information available. Moreover, students are allowed into laboratories to equip themselves with the practical skills they need to conduct research and come up with solutions to problems.

Another important issue that should be noted when discussing studies in the United States is the fact that universities ensure that every student need is catered for. The flexible environment for studies is guaranteed to all students who join universities in the US. This is to ensure that all students in different fields of studies can be accommodated because they apply different methods learning. The environment meant for learning are usually characterized by completely different methods of studies and a development process that is continuous. The learning environment is usually shifted based on the goals, interests and strength of the students enrolled.

China, on the other hand, was not a favorite destination for well-educated people who wanted to pursue further education. However, a lot has been done by the China government to ensure that they offer quality education to every student admitted into their institutions. Well educated people study in china nit only to get knowledge but also to get an opportunity to explore and travel around the country. Pursuing studies in China is a great chance to investigate the world's most crowded nation. You will encounter China's one of a kind mix of the antiquated and present-day human advancement and besides its beautiful excellence and clamoring nightlife. Visiting places that are new and with different students from around across the globe enables students to meet and interact with people from different cultures. Therefore, one ends up opening their eyes not simply to China, but rather to the entire world.

Education in China is considered to very cheaper compare to other countries such as Japan, the US, Australia, the United Kingdom among others. This is because the country has got a subsidy made to ensure that the tuition fee is manageable to all citizens including the foreign ones. Furthermore, living in China is very cheap since food commodities and shelter is in abundant hence selling at a lower price.

The well-educated people studying in china are usually aware of the high employment rate in the country. As such, studying in the country gives one employment advantage after graduation from the university. With regards to economics, China has been the world's quickest developing nation for as long as 30 years. Notwithstanding amid the monetary emergency, China's financial development has kept up a level of 8%, a pace unimaginable in different nations. China's GDP as of late outperformed Japan's to end up noticeably the world's second-biggest economy after the United States. The world's main 500 organizations all work together in China, with many basing their Asia-Pacific central command in the clamoring Chinese urban communities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. The present ascent of China has made it clear that individuals who can speak Chinese and have firsthand involvement of living in China will have an incredibly favorable position as far as business. China fills in like an enormous market for multinational companies, and businesses are very much aware that a genuine comprehension of China, Chinese culture, and Chinese individuals are a major in addition to for the individuals who need to wind up noticeably the worlds up and coming age of pioneers. Therefore, studying in China makes one competitive and ready for the ever-rising China market.


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