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Future Educator Autobiography

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Multiple Intelligences

Through the Multiple Intelligence I learned that the checklist survey was very useful unto me. It clarified the kind of learner I was. Reading the definitions make it more clear and surprise me. I always like to talk to my peers and the professors to gather more information and be clear of anything we were talking or discussing certain points, that always help me to remember what I read, also it made me realize if I agree or not with what they had to say. I also know that I think a lot and have unique opinion on different topics, which made me an 1) Intrapersonal leaner it came out to (9), 2) Interpersonal learner with (7) and 3) Linguistic learner with (4). This survey is really good and it will help us to identify how our students learns best, as a way for us to teach and give a better service.

Future Educator Autobiography

The forthcoming issue I also learned is: Knowing how to maintain high expectation for immigrant students. As a future educator and also as immigrant it is really important to me to know how to always maintain high expectation for immigrant students. Sometimes they do not have the support at home, because parents are working most of the time to sustain the home. Due to this, they will experience a lack of family support and a lack of resources which they can take advantage of. So, I want to be the person to motivate and support them by leading and guiding them towards all the necessary resources to help each student achieve their individual goal. Also, parents involvement is crucial for students. As a future educator I believe that I should be there as a mentor to inspire them with my own story and that all of the immigrants in the country and around the world.

The last issue I will discuss is: Understand how to support students who are at risk to drop out school. It is not new that the rate of kids dropping out of is high. As future educator I would like to help and understand the students. We need to work harder for this situation stop. I believe that in order for this to stop, it would need the school, parents, guidance counselor and teacher to come with a plan to help to support the students at risk. It is important to create programs that are in the best interest for them. It is crucial to understand how to support the students at risk is knowing their background, or be aware what is happening at home, for us to be able to support them.

Developmental Assets

I learned that I have external and internal developmental Assets. Using the Search Institutes (2007) Developmental assets checklist, help me identify 4 external and internal assets I acquire and 3 assets I would like to further develop. The external assets who identify me are Support, family support is very important to me. I find that my family life provides me high levels of love and support. My parents always support me in my decisions and that made me feel loved. A second asset, is parent involvement in schooling, I find it very important because being involved in your childs education would help the child build trust with you if he or she is struggling, so you can help him succeed in school. My parents were always involved in my education, until now that I am grown. I know I could always go to my mom and ask her any questions about school. A third external assets I identify with is Boundaries & Expectations, family boundaries, in my opinion is that having clear rules is crucial for any individual, because it helps them guide individuals throughout out life. It teaches them that they are consequences for our actions. My family makes rules that I have to follow and they have to make it clear to me why I need to follow them

In the development assets I also identify internal assets that I have develop and are important to me. First internal assets Commitment to Learning within the assets achievement motivation, it is very important for student to have motivation to achieve in school

Three developmental assets that I want to develop is an external assets, I want to serve others, I would like to serve my community at least one hour, but the lack of time right now does not allow me. There are two internal assets I would like to further develop, time at home, I would like to be able to go out with friends, I believe it would help me to relax a little bit more. And the last assets interpersonal competence, even though I am good at making new friends, I strongly believe that I need to learn how to keep them.

Service-Learning Project

In my experiences in the service learning project (ESC 302, Service-Learning Project (Fall 2017), I learned (realized, found, discovered) Developing my project helped me to learned more about my topic. I had the chance of modifying the project to our liking and a as result I learned more about each other. I learned how to implement the circle to the age group I chose. Most importantly, but not least, I was given the opportunity of applying my topic to the circle. Based on my background knowledge on the topic, I start driving questions, doubts, and myths I had on the topic and did research about it. This allowed me to gather information which I applied to my circle. Lastly, by developing I project, I was able to communicate with the students in order to hear from them and their proposed solutions.

ESC 302, Classroom Circle

As a result of my partner and I co-facilitating our project circle (ESC 302 Classroom Circle, 20167 I (realized, found, discovered) I realized that students do not always have the opportunity to be heard. I learned that students have so much to say about their feelings, about what is happening in their lives, but they do not have someone to say to. Instead of venting their issues and having a solution, they keep their emotions bottled up inside. I also learned that the students spoke truly about situations they faced without fear, they were very respectful to each other. The feedback they gave helped me understand that they do learn new things that they themselves did not know. They discovered new aspects of themselves that they want to work on based on the topic we conducted.



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