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Personal Statement Example: Master of Science in Construction Management

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University of Richmond
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Personal statement
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In a world that is rapidly growing, a sixth of the planet's population lives in informal settlements, and a modern life heavily relies on innovations from architecture and engineering. Advancements in the two disciplines can transform lives to be more enjoyable, colorful and convenient by ensuring comfortable and affordable home-ownership for a majority of the population. Partially, architecture in itself as a profession affects what is built annually all over the world. Additionally, construction management has a high potential to address climatic change through slowing the growth rate of greenhouse gas emissions which emanate from extraction and manufacturing of raw materials, transportation, and their usage during construction. Consequently, professionals in construction management have significant roles to play in the world.

My interest to pursue a Master of Science in Construction Management stems from my long-standing ambition of becoming an entrepreneur in the construction management industry. I have always had an interest in the construction industry with the design and construction of buildings always fascinating me. Further, through my work experience, construction management has always offered me challenges of identifying solutions to problems every day something that excites me. Moreover, I want to play a part in protecting the environment on behalf of future generations by promoting technologies and construction practices that are friendly to the environment. Studying at NTU Singapore will provide me a chance to advance my education with the best, therefore, broadening my knowledge of construction management. Thus, the degree program will be a considerable step towards the achievement of my long-term career goal.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Applied Science with an emphasis on Construction Management from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology one of the highly ranked colleges in Australia. Also, I hold a diploma in intelligent building technology from Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore. I have worked for more than seven years in diverse job positions, and my professional experiences have primarily enhanced my understanding of construction management. Immediately after graduating from Temasek Polytechnic in 2008, I joined JDC Corporation as an assistant quantity surveyor for three years. The exciting role involved preparing the bills of quantities, submitting tenders, assessing monthly progress payment claim for the sub-contractors, updating and checking purchase orders and preparing variation orders and other cost estimates under the supervision of the senior quantity surveyor. After obtaining my bachelor's degree in 2011, I joined Langdon & Seah Singapore Pte Ltd where I worked as a quantity surveyor for three years. During this period, I was involved in consultancy work for a mixed development project of the construction of the Changi Business Park. As a quantity surveyor, I was in charge of cost appraisal and cost plans during pre-contract stage, assessments and finalizing variation orders, administration of product warranties, director's resolution and preparing final accounts. Having proven mettle in my previous jobs and through my extensive efforts and networks, I got a golden opportunity to work as a deputy contracts manager with the Land Transport Authority a government agency. I was responsible for supporting the project team on contractual issues and undertaking ad-hoc duties especially on reporting on government funds usage against work done and quarterly updates on outstanding claim report to the deputy chief executive. Besides, I was entrusted with 17 main projects where I spearheaded the appointment process of an accredited checker, project safety review and QP(S) services.

I am proud of these achievements, but I am well aware there are many more things that I can learn from the university and add to my list. My practical work experience of over seven years will prove to be particularly useful at NTU since I will actively participate and contribute to class lectures and group discussions.

NTU Singapore graduate program in construction management is my first choice for graduate school, and I find it the most attractive. The graduate program at the university is well known for its exceptional approach to developing professionals since it provides a holistic approach that offers a balance between theoretical and practice-oriented courses. Additionally, the university is fully equipped with state of the art facilities for ease of research and staff with adequate training and experience. Also, NTU opens up the platform to network extensively with the vast alumni network in addition to meeting and interacting with a diverse student community. Moreover, the institution prides itself in producing many successful professionals in the construction industry. Hence, I feel I should be able to secure admission to this distinguished university.

I am fully committed to studying construction management, and I desire to be accepted on this course to expand and deepen my knowledge. Your program presents for me the optimal springboard for technical expertise and professional skills in construction management. Such will lay the foundation for the ultimate fulfillment of my career goal of becoming a construction manager in the short term and an entrepreneur in the construction management industry in the long run. As a result, I will contribute to the society's welfare by effectively managing environmentally friendly construction projects both locally and internationally. I welcome an opportunity to discuss my application and eagerly await to hear from you at your convenience.

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