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Speech Example: The Mobile Phone Is an Impediment to Student's Attention and Concentration in Class

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Purpose: Speaking to the audience will not only highlight the use of mobile phones by students but will also be a sensitive and worthy topic to the parents and other stakeholders in the education sector. The central goal of the speech is to highlight the role and impact of the use and procession of mobile phones by students in the classroom. At the same time, teachers will find the topic stimulating, a situation that will broadly address some of the challenges they face in the classroom. The topic will in many ways provoke the need to find a lasting solution for the use of mobile phones by students in the classroom, a phenomenon that has negatively impacted on student's performance.

Willing Direction: I want my listeners to analyze the situation and role of mobile phones in the classroom weighing on the merit and demerits of the communication device. They need to think of it as an important communication device but an impediment to the success of teaching and knowledge acquisition by the students.

My Audience: From the performance, I want my audience to think of the mobile phone as an important social gadget for students but an impediment to knowledge acquisition and concentration by students in the classroom. The audience is majorly made up of colleagues and future colleagues who make up a majority of those affected by the use of mobile phones in the classroom. At the same time, the audience is composed of relevant education stakeholders who have a significant impact on education policies. The listeners come at the backdrop of the need to draft clear-cut policies that will promote and enhance knowledge impartation within the classroom setting.

My Role as a Speaker: As a speaker of the subject matter, I have a deep interest in the subject as it directly impacts on my area of interest and that is promoting the best education standards and classroom etiquettes for students.

Available Opportunities: Addressing the negative and positive attributes of the effect of the mobile phone by students in the classroom will go a long way in helping the teaching fraternity and students enhance their knowledge base positively. In order to achieve the central objective of the speech, a practical example of the situation is of utmost importance to illustrate to the audience on how strong the effect of the mobile phone is within the classroom setting. It is a noble opportunity that would present the audience a chance to ponder over the effect of the mobile phone in the hands of a student in the classroom. However, to achieve the objectives of the talk, it is imperative to directly involve the audience in the practical example such as a demo in which a mobile phone will be used in a classroom setting.

Challenges: It is most likely that a number of my listeners may not understand the effect of mobile phones in a students education and especially in class. Despite its social convenience, the mobile phone may contribute negatively to a students attention and concentration in class.

Listeners Response: Although the response from the listeners was varied, it became open that the mobile phone is and remains a thorny subject among education stakeholders. However, the majority supported the idea that students should not be allowed to use their mobile phones in the classroom.

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