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Are Too Many People Going to College? Education Essay Example

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In America, colleges are flooded with students for everyone believe that college degree is the key to better future (Leef, 20). Most parents would do their best to ensure that their kids join university for higher achievement. In most cases, parents fail to understand and even consult their children on what they like doing the most. Before deciding on the future career of the child, a parent should consider the interest of the kid and allow him/her to pursue the presumed dream. Currently, the large number that joins higher learning institutions do not fit there but rather in the vocational training institutes. People value college training so much that they have forgotten that sectors like hotel industry, electricians, plumbing, and carpentry among other also should be occupied. By going to university, all graduates expect to get a job with an enormous and famous organization where they can get right salaries.

The core of knowledge is usually learned at K-8 grades as the high school offers survey courses in social sciences and humanities. Following what the students cover in both high school level and elementary level, they need not attend a college. According to Murray (21), all that they take in at the university are already tackled in the stages. The four-year inhabited program leading to a B.A. is the wrong model for a large majority of young people. According to Murray (211), only 10 to 15 percent of the nations youth possess can manage to dwell in college since not all students have the passion for continuing their education after high school. Following the performance of most students in the university, Murrays arguments to some extent are right. A good number of them seems to have been forced to join the institutions to undertake courses above their capability or those they dont like. The fact that everyone goes to university regardless of their performance should stop, and the parents should start thinking beyond college training.

While searching for employment, many believe that having a degree will automatically grant you a chance, but no, that is not the case in the current society. Job opportunities that require degree graduates have drastically reduced following the oversupply of graduates in the market. Currently, a good number of people with a degree are jobless and following their level of education; they dont fit for the available jobs. They expect huge salaries what the available companies may not afford to offer them. Richard Vedder states that A large subset of our population should not go to college, or at least not at public expense (Vedder, Christopher, and Jonathan, 112).

All the degree holders both employed and unemployed should attest to this argument. The market is flooded, and everyone is looking for employment. Parents have invested in them for those years and expect something tangible out of their investments. Sincerely speaking, most of them have lost hope and even regret ever attending the college. For those parents who believed in the university education now count losses after their kids failing to get jobs. The many people joining colleges has ruined every opportunity for the few that fit in those institutions.

Others have a contrary opinion regarding the numbers that join the college in the contemporary society. Even though all those going to school do not fit there, these institutions are businesses like any other they are out to make money. They must convince as many parents as possible that university offers the best for their kids and guarantee them higher chances of getting well-paid jobs. Professor Alison Wolf in his argument says, Anyone who meets the admission criteria and is eager to pay the dues should be able to go (Leef 43). To him, meeting the criteria and having the fees is all the students need to join the college whether they are interested or not.

Other than matching the requirements and affording the fess, there other things to consider before entering the institution of higher education and it should not be a norm that all high school graduates to enroll in a university. The dream career of the child is of great importance, and not all of them come from college. A student may qualify and the parents capable, but the dream career does not require a further college education. Maybe they are offered in vocational training colleges, therefore, should be allowed to pursue it.

Professor Sandy Baum also states, Everyone should have the chance to continue his or her education after high school without finances creating an impossible barrier (Baum, Charles and Michael 26). The professor believes that all children should be allowed to continue with their studies after high what is very optimistic in a childs life. The question is, must it be in a university? There are many vocational colleges that students can afford to pursue different courses that can guarantee them a job at the end of their studies.

Since there are loans offered to students that have financial issues to continue with their education, Sandy believes lack of finance should not hinder anyone from going to college. The same loans offered to university students should be available to any other high school graduate who would like to pursue their dreams in different directions. In my view, many people are going to college because they can access loan what they may not get if they go for other options. It is like they are forced to join university against their will but left with no choice.

University degree sounds very good, and many believe that with it you can get whatever you want. Every parent that never had a chance to attend one will always want to see their children graduating from these institutions. The value that degree holders used to have in the society are long lost since everyone now has it. The number of graduates has overcome the available job opportunities as many are rendered jobless. Those who took a loan for their studies hardly pay them back what also affects the economy of the country.

Going to the university may be a good idea for post-secondary graduates though it is the worst economic decision. Many opportunities like plumbing, carpentry, electricians and hotel jobs are left hanging as many go for huge courses without employment opportunities. People should revise their decision and consider these minor opportunities since they may create significant prospects to them at the end of it all. They should disregard the idea that a brighter future relies on university education. Whatever is taught in those institutions everyone once learned in elementary and high school level, and nothing new is introduced. By having a change of mind especially parents, the future of the children, as well as the economy, will be on the right track.

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