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Unit 6: Stress Management in the Classroom

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Being a teacher is a noble course since one can nurture lives and transformer students into great people in the society. A teacher requires right skill which will enable her to perform her duties effectively. Being a teacher is not a one-day decision that you want to be and teacher and few days you become one. Being a teacher entails going to school and learn a relevant and reliable skill which will make her effective while teaching. There are various disciplines in education, and it is someones decision to decide which combination she will take, depending on her previous experience with the subjects, the performance of an individual and the inherent skills and capabilities. As such I opted to be a teacher specializing in chemistry and maths, I am passionate towards this subjects, and when it comes to delivering the content to students, I can make them understand the topic and motivate them to appreciate education and improve their performance. Being a teacher is a journey, and it involves learning several modulations before you can fully accredited teacher who can handle students with due care and skills.

The first module elaborates on the principles of classroom and behavior management. In class management as chemistry and mathematics teacher I should be able to coordinate classroom and make sure that students sitting arrangement is suitable, students have the required materials and other resources that will facilitate learning. As a teacher, I should be able to learn different behaviors of my students, and how they relate to others as such, it will be easier for me to coordinate a classroom. As a teacher in my lessons, I should apply theories of development to effectively and efficiently address students behavior. With my skills and knowledge as a teacher I will be able to implement classroom management practices and provide opportunities of solving classroom issues ( Kellough, 2003).

Unit 7: Exceptional Students in the Classroom

A teacher is an all-round person, and she should not be biased towards some students instead she should treat all the students equally. As a teacher, I Will be able to motivate my students in the Oder to enhance their performance and ensure they become great people not only in the field of academics but all aspects of their lives. As part of my lesson I will always encourage students with motivational talks and allow them to prosper academically and ensure that they imbibe the concepts I will be like a parent to my students apart from giving them motivational talks, I will also offer them guidance and counselling season within the school premises and will allow them to share their worries with me ( Jones,2001).

Students have different personalities and characters, while others may be born normal while others may be abnormal with various weaknesses. As a teacher, I will be able to analyze my students and be able to handle them depending on their unique personalities, and also make other students appreciate others and not undermine them regarding their disabilities. I will always give attention to all my students despite their capabilities and inabilities. As a teacher, I will always be friendly to my students and will always make them my friends.

Different people react and manage their stress differently. The same way with students they are normally posed to different types of stresses and each of them will handle it. Differently, others will let stress take over them while others can manage their stresses and issues. As a teacher, it will be my ultimate duty and responsibility to ensure that my students handle their stresses in a reasonable manner and they can control it.I will guide the students on how to manage their stresses and also I will be able to identify issues that may be posing challenges to my students and try to minimize or rather eradicate the issues if possible so that, the learning environment for my students will be ample and serene.I am well equipped to deal with students' behavior and challenges.

As a maths and chemistry teacher will be applying Mary Park Follet's human relations theory while handling my students in future.

Unit 8: Strategies for Managing Students Behavior

It will be my duty as a teacher to inculcate positive behavior among my students and also help them get rid of unwanted behavior. Learning is a gradual procedure also instilling positive and desirable behavior to students it also gradual and it may require specific processes and procedures. I will be able to inculcate positive behavior to my students by giving them incentives and stimulus control to manage their behavior. In the extreme cases I will punish the students through suspension, or through isolation and detention for some few hours.

When posing punishments I will consider exceptional students, that is, those with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, communication disorders, visual and hearing impairment students, talented and creative, health and physical impairments and other disabilities. Regarding exceptional students personalities, in case of a mistake, I will punish them accordingly making sure that the punishment is not harsh for them and that they can manage to do it without staring a lot (Hutchinson,2017).

In conclusion, teaching is not only about going to the class and start teaching the students; it entails a lot of things like learning the behavior of the students and hoe to deal with different behavior. As a teacher one should have management and behavior skills to be effective and efficient in teaching.



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