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Type of Quantitative Research and Ways of Improving Scientific Merit - Paper Example

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On the study of prevalence of mental disorders among the homeless in western countries: systematic review and Meta- regression analysis, the researchers used various quantitative research methods so as to arrive to a conclusion based on the aim of their research question. Firstly, they conducted interviews of samples of unselected homeless people. Furthermore, the researchers searched in bibliography, indexes, reference lists, and meta- regression analysis based on geographic region, size of the samples, and the diagnostic methods. Secondly, the researchers conducted surveys so as to estimate the prevalence in the research question CITATION qua11 \l 1033 (qualitative-vs-quantitative-research, 2011). In this particular research, the researchers used Meta- analysis method to answer the research question as it combine the results of many experimental studies in order to determine the final conclusion (Leedy & Ormrod, 2005).


In order to quantify a qualitative research method used, variables must be obtained in terms of data collection and interpretation to assist in drawing of conclusions in line with the research being conducted in a sample area. However, quantitative research methods use independent, dependent, sample and extraneous variables as a ways to analyze data obtained. For this particular study, surveys were used to obtain variables to answer the research question. Sample sizes in terms of numbers to be studied. The percentages were also used to show the spread of the data collected in comparison with the accumulative collected data.

Scientific Merit

Scientific merit is a component used to evaluate if a study represents a good knowledge base of science on a stud. Therefore, scientific merit ensures that the risks on subjects of the study are minimized by the use of sound research designs that does not expose the subjects to risks. Scientific merit has six principles: firstly, expert assessment explains that the researchers should have the knowledge and expertise to conduct and analyze the problem in their study area which ultimately contributes to the specific objectives and the methodology. Therefore, selection of the researches or reviewers must be done in a clear criteria. Secondly, transparency examines that the decisions made in the study must be based on clearly described rules, procedures, and criteria for evaluation. Thirdly, impartiality explains that proposals should therefore be assessed in a fair manner based on the merit of the study. Also in case of conflict of interest, it must be managed and declared accordingly. Fourthly, appropriateness explains that the study should be consistent with the nature of the problem, with the area of study well addressed, and in proportion to the cost and the complexity of the research. Fifthly, confidentiality explains that the research, intellectual property, related data and other documents must be dealt with in confidence by the researchers and the institutions involved in the research work. Lastly, integrity and ethical considerations of the study explains that the researchers must work in line with the ethics of code of conduct based on the subject of the research and the integrity must be paramount at all times CITATION Mar10 \l 1033 (Marais, 2010).

Ways of improving scientific merit

In this study, the researcher in order to improve their scientific merit in terms of knowledge base in the study, they would have used tables to represent their findings in the research population. The use of tables would make it easy for data interpretation by readers would of not have a scientific knowledge on research. Furthermore, scientific merit would have been improved by the use of graphs or pie charts to show the distribution of ratios and percentages in the study.

The persistent links in the article are and The persistent link therefore will help in locating information by connecting the readers with the electronic source as long as the publication is still available.

Based on this particular research, the peer evaluation is good since it improves the students method and knowledge of research by creating a greater scope of understanding. The research can therefore be improved by providing a more advanced peer study to increase knowledge and understanding. Additionally I agree with the researchers on the prevalence of mental disorders among the homeless in western countries: systematic review and Meta- regression analysis as it aims to answer on a concise manner the research question based on the variables used and data gathered.


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