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The importance of Analytics in Retailing - Article Review Example

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Article review
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Profit maximization and satisfaction of the needs of customers is essential for the prosperity of any business. To achieves this, one must understand their customers by accessing their feedbacks to determine whether they are satisfied with the services that one provides or make necessary improvements in areas where they have raised concern. One of the most appropriate ways of doing this is through data analytics. Big retail businesses currently use data analytics at all stages of their retail process. They use data analytics in predicting future demands and sales, in tracking emerging favorite products and in the optimization of product placement. The following points present fundamental reasons as to why data analytics play an integral role in retailing.

Data analytics plays an integral role in lowering cost in retail business.

Data analytics can be used in analyzing the buying trends of customers to determine demand prediction.

It is useful in forecasting trends to be promoted and patterns to be ignored.

Through data analytics, businesses can gauge the needs and satisfaction of customers. This enables companies to develop new products and services that suit the demand of customers.

It offers Omni-experience that enables companies to operate efficiently.

Blog Statement #2

Benefits of in-store analytics

In-store analytics is very efficient in analyzing the performance of campaigns and other marketing strategies which enables marketers to make better decisions and in the optimization of their performance. The advantages of in-store analytics vary depending on where it is used. However, its chances of being used in any given situation are high. These advantages accumulate with time. Some of the benefits of in-store analytics are presented below:

In-store analytics is very integral in measuring the real-time performance of the store. It offers tools that gain real-time actionable insight on the behavior of customers. Through measuring the performance of in-store, it provides answers to questions that have not been answered for a long time.

It improves the shopping experience through studying the buying patterns of customers and improving the operations of the in-stores to match the needs of the customers.

It helps in improving marketing ROI. Accurate analysis of the impacts of in-store enables marketers to focus on active campaigns. For instance, through utilization of the in-store sales funnel, marketers can pay attention to the best opportunities that generate the highest marketing ROI.

In-store analytics provide more exquisite details of the behavior patterns of customers within the store. This helps in optimization of the layouts and categories of Bricks-and-Mortar store.

Blog Statement #3

The importance of measuring traffic in stores

Understanding the number of customers that visit a store is a fundamental and vital measure in retailing. Traffic counts define the sales opportunity in a store. Measuring traffic in stores is very integral in determining the number of customers that come to the store in a day and their behavior pattern terms of expenditure. This enables retailers to sell more of their goods and spend less. It also allows retailers to in planning for the future after establishing how many foot trails materialize into buyers. The volume of sales and number of transactions are typically related to the traffic of the store in an increasing concave function. It is imperative to note that the impact of traffic on the performance of the store relies on the amount of labor that staffs the shop. Hence, marketers should carefully allocate their budget between marketing activities that are useful in driving the traffic.


@business_retailers Analytics play an integral role in business since it helps in the development of new products and services, forecasting trends and reducing cost in a retail store.

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