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Buzzfeed Case Study and Application

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Case study
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Buzzfeed is a social site that delivers all kinds of news from light-hearted to more serious news, games, quizzes among other things. It lists all the information in a quickly more easy to comprehend and in very visual design. The platform has become a publishing and social sharing phenomenon, amassing an audience of more than 50 million worldwide. Its most attractive to a younger audience who are less likely to access traditional news services. The service is based on the idea that people like to share stories and ideas with friends and relatives. Since the dot-com boom, there have been stages in how online data is distributed. Initial, online platforms such as Yahoo were the primary distributors who were followed by the emergence of search engines such as Google. The wave though that has swiped people away is the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The tide brought about by these platforms is due to our love affair with technology tools such as mobile phones and the rapid growth in usage of applications. Producing content that is appealing to their consumers has enabled Buzzfeed to become one of the Worlds largest and leading news properties. The platform has set a high benchmark that other similar platforms follow (NPR.ord, 2018).


Buzzfeed operates by capturing the attention of their headlines with catchy headlines which leads to a large number of people opening reading and sharing. If you want to choose a feed style for business, first get to know your target audience. Is it for children, teenagers, men, women or it is for all. An example of a feed style I would use for my business would be; Amazing ways of how (the product) make your skin texture softer. It looks very intriguing which triggers the curiosity of a lot of people, and with the information more appealing it would be shared, and a lot of people will know about the product which leads to them buying and using it. Sharing of this feed should be done to the most popular social media platforms the best being Facebook and Twitter. For my case, I will share it more on Facebook because the platform hosts a lot of people and the method of sharing is easy (BuzzFeed, July 2017).

Are Lists Relevant?

Lists are still relevant and are widely used. Prove of this is a large number of other platforms that have been created since Buzzfeed started. They are a lot of all but few using the same type of format. They have even come in categories that focus on one field, like a sport or fashion feed sites. Though some companies are coming up with new ways of portraying this information still the listing style is more preferred.

Buzzfeeds Competitive Advantage over other

Buzzfeed is pioneers in this sharing and spreading information. They have done this by using well-developed studies. They have done this by realizing that social media is very contagious and it takes easy ways to make information go viral. The use of editors who help in managing the daily links is one thing that gives Buzzfeed and advantage from its numerous competitors. The target of Buzzfeed is making information reach a lot of people, so their primary focus is to gain insight into why things go viral. Diversification of post also makes it more appealing. They have mixed authors who contribute to different topics. They also have a global market and add to an issue all over the World, and their way of viewing content success is different. It is done by teams of editors who form a viral content creating a lab where they try new ideas. After they launch content, it earns badges from users and if enough click on the features it starts getting viral traffic. These kinds of processes give it an advantage over other sites. Having proper techniques of realizing information has been one of the platforms strengths. Their content also appeals to the readers, by it being catchy and use of tools which are trending (Company, 2016).

Shareable content

Feed sites focus on making their news gets shared across different platforms. The main issue is not the catchphrases that make people read them, it how the content appeals to the readers to the point of them sharing it with other people. Buzzfeed knows how to do this better. Their content is of the required standards. Editors thoroughly check the standard of the work and the can include or omit feature to make it more appealing. They have learned all things to make their information go viral. With this, the readers can pass on information if they think it is worth reading, and if a second person does the same the same the cycle goes on and on. Features used should be relevant to the text written to produce something that makes sense to the readers. Having a picture of Cabbages on a technology site does not add up to anyone, in fact, they make it hard for the audience to get a grasp of what you mean. Furthermore, a picture speaks volumes about things.

Putting Ideas Across

Ideas spread by a lot of people loving it and sharing it with other people or groups of people. The plans should be intriguing and attractive. Creating media content which is viral, contagious and highly shareable is not an easy task. Start by creating content around a shareable headline. According to CopyBlogger, 80 percent of people read headline copies, but only 2 percent will continue reading. The chances of sharing it are scarce which makes having a catchy headline the essential part of every blog. While the headline is the most important aspect, if the content is written in boring style then you are on the wrong path. Creating the material has a purpose which is to capture the mind of the readers. Putting relevant images is also very appealing. They are easy to consume, and in some cases, they are inspiring. Including images has nowadays become a usual thing. Problem is many marketers make the mistake of choosing separate photos. Stock images should be avoided at all cost and select appropriate images because on many occasions pictures outperform plain text. Make references in the posts, quote people who further support points you are making in your post. After sharing the post on social media tag them or inform them that you have included them in your post. On many occasions, it will make them share the post which exposes you to an entirely new audience. The final step which is the most critical is to pay to promote your content. The field has become crowded over the years, to ensure your content reaches the most significant and most relevant audience you must pay for it. Waiting for the free result will make you stagnant because there will be no social engagement (BuzzFeed, About BuzzFeed, 2015).


Creating a feed site is not an easy task. If you want excellent results to take time in creating something that will be appealing to your target audience. Use all the tools available in making you post more attractive and intriguing. The features used should be placed in the right places and the quality of the text should be top. The focus should be on making the site appealing for people to read and sharing it if they think it worth it. By worth it I mean it is written according to the required standards.

Responding to trends and being concerned with what people want to read rather than breaking news and exclusive. The primary target should be young people using mobile phones so the content should be highly shareable. It is because young people are curious and they discover things by finding them on social media. For business, the agenda should be mentioned in the right manner to capture the minds of readers. The target audience for the site should be well known and it because it makes you focus on their needs. The success of many feed sites has been done through well-calculated strategies. Thats why they have been popular since its formation to date. For my business, I would steal skills from the significant performing start coupled with my strategies. The team handling the post should understand what it is all about and the constant sharing of ideas can make the site more appealing. The site should be created with the focus on how it would be shared. I wont be afraid to spend money to make the site seen by my target audience. Waiting for things to happen themselves will not help my cause; I want results that are pleasing. If the site is of the required standard, the reaction towards it will be what you expected or probably more. Effort and following procedures in the right manner are all that is needed to make the site a success. The improvement of my business will lead to getting the desired income which shows how important an excellent feed for your business brings gains.


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