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Essay Example: Social Research

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A sociological theory refers to testimonials on a particular fact relating to social world correlates. This theory on perceptive include feminism, Symbolic interactionism, structural-functional, social conflict. According Max Weber on symbolic interaction is whereby people interpret the meaning of things according to their world. In symbolic perspective people get meanings from attached symbols, this influences them in understanding this symbols. During the early age of communication verbal communication, the use of symbols was mainly used the sender used symbols to convey a message to the intended receiver and expected it to have the same meaning to the other end. Here anything can serve as a symbol as long as it has sense among the people using them. A written verse of music is a sample of symbolic perspective. Use of dots in notes shows the organization of work in done by the author. Symbolic perspective is important since it gives the reaction of people toward the certain event. Symbolic things include rings, watches, colors, and flower. All this can resemble an event which can be a wedding ceremony which resembles love and marriage. The critic of this symbols only resembles devotions and union between man and women, but it cannot explain more the Gold ring may not quantify the quality of marriage and happiness. However, symbols reflect how human being interacts with other social factors and institution in the society.

Conflict perspective focuses on the bad side. In today it conflict is mainly on ether group or exist in racial color, religion, economic, and political. With minimal resources in the world groups fight for it to make again than the other person or group. This competition has fueled ever-changing environment in the society. The importance of conflicts perspective is that led to fighting for civil rights, Democracy, humanitarian efforts and brought about social order in the society.

Functionalism refers to interdependence among all functional unities in the society. People pay taxes to the federal government which in turn provide public utilities like Hospitals, school, roads, airports and, railways. The family depends on schools to give their children quality education, and after completing education, they are employed by government and private sector and intern pay taxes government and become law-abiding citizens by obeying laws and state regulations. Functionalism belief that society is held together by cohesion which each one or every individual subscribes to it. Critics are that it has encouraged separation of the families.It also fosters status quo in the society.

Cultural Values are believed in right ideals, good doings, and an act of justices. Real culture means peoples norms that they follow while Ideal lifestyle is norms that exist in society individuals leave in and practice them. Reflection of culture on functionalism perspective it focuses on shared cultural values while conflict perspective focuses on how group differences differ across culture among the certain group. Merton Robert identifies that wealth, prestige, power and success is a culture practiced by all the people in the United States. Consequently, Persons Talcott noted that hard work culture motives all Americans which has encouraged work ethics in the United States.

Mathematics refers to the symbolic representation of symbols to solve a problem and to come up with a solution to the equation. In today's society especially the western society use of mathematics is an essential subject in all institution of learning.The mathematical problem is said for playing a puzzle that the west faces. Through the use of an application of math concepts and problem-solving has assisted the western culture to solve the social-economic problem it has encountered and come out as a robust economic block in the world. Thus mathematics has been rolled out to all institutions of learning to stare from the elementary school. This culture as cultivate sharp minds and led to developments in sciences like speedaircraft's and economic investments portfolio we have in the world today




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