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Public Education System Versus the Charter Education System

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Research paper
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This particular research work has focused on the main differences that exist between the public school system and the charter schools. It is quite notable that the numbers of charter schools have increasingly grown in the recent past. This research work has focused on the achievement of the various students in the two distinct systems of institutions. Multiple studies that have been conducted either nationally have provided the numerous suggestions that most charter schools are the basis of attracting students that have backgrounds with fewer effluents (Hill, Lake, & Celio, 2002). This research work has also focused on the various vital benefits that result from attending the different charter schools in the country.

Over the years, the organization of public charter schools has immensely changed. This system of the public school's transformation is mainly as a result of the various government empowerment by the different government policies. These various government efforts have resulted in the creation of the schools governed by the charter system of education. Considering the charter school, movement several parents are usually granted the freedom of choosing the type of learning structures (Hill, Lake, & Celio, 2002). The evolution of charter school has seriously encompassed a variety of educational ideologies including the high levels of accountability and innovation in these particular schools. At the federal level both the current and past systems, United States have clearly shown the different benefits that have resulted from the creation of the charter schools system over the public school system.

These presidents include Barack Obama, George Bush, and Bill Clinton. It is observable that the Obama administration has apparently given the various advantages that come with the charter schools (Peterson & Campbell, 2001). This instance includes the multiple issues of the race funds in the correlation to the reinvestment and the improvement of many institutions within the United States. These accolades of the charter schools over the traditional public school systems can be in various proclamations of the different presidents (Haugen & Musser, 2009). AS stated by President Obama, these charter schools have been beneficial in the cultivation of the freedoms of varying learners pertaining their levels of creativity and the meeting the general needs of this student concerning the current demands of skills of education and learning of these students (Hill, Lake, & Celio, 2002). This uniquely identified high level of accountability and flexibility in these schools are necessary for nurturing the various student talents and skills in these charter schools.

These paper has extensively focused on the various reformations of the public schools and there correlations to the charter schools. In particular, this study research reveals that charter schools have been viewed as the critical alternative to the various public institutions. Consequently, it is evident in the vital proclamation of the former president of the United States George W Bush. In one of his this particular announcement, the charter schools remain to be the new options of the traditional existing public school system. Furthermore, the chartered school system helps in the broadening the various alternative that different parents have regarding the empowering of their children (Nathan, 1999). Through the strengthening of the diverse educator's levels of flexibility and freedom, charter schools are seen to promote the achievement of good results among these different children (Nathan, 1999). The development of the charter school system over the public school system has also helped in the broadening of the scope in correlation to the development of the culture of invention and innovation among different young learners within the United States.

The other aspects that face a high intensification in the charter schools over the public school system are the promotion of high levels of accountability and performance for various students. The other vital advantages that come with the creation of the charter school system is the enhancement of the multiple involvement levels of different parents in the closing of the various gaps of achievements in students and performance of the management team (Tillman, Sage Publications., & Sage eReference (Online service), 2009). Both the bottoms of Republican and the Democrats have been pressed by the creation of the charter schools over the existing public schools. Most Democrats have noted that the establishment of the charter schools is the excellent step concerning the unhealthy competition in the public schools. Another observation that has been made by the Republicans is that the operation of the chartered school system is controlled by some levels of regulations and enormous burdens thus posing minimal levels of competition to the existing public school system.

Statement of the Problem

When comparing the public school system and the charter school system, it is notable that there are high levels of guarantee about the various results that are witnessed in most charter schools. When these chartered schools are guaranteed funding, then there is the high possibility of the improvement and strengthening of the education system in the country.

Considering the Democrats view on the charter schools, it can be stated that these schools are regarded as the new alternatives to the existing public schools. It can also be noted that there are minimal levels of selections in various charter schools and with different issues correlating to the number of fees paid during the admission and the religious practices of the students undergoing the charter system of education (Hill, Lake, & Celio, 2002). Considering the multiple views and thought of a variety of politicians and education personnel it is quite clear that the incorporation of the charter schools as additional alternatives to the public school system is a very significant idea and it will significantly assist in the improvement of the education system within the United States (Peterson, & Campbell, 2001). The analysis carried out in this particular research work has mainly revolved around the primary study of the public school system and the various ways in which the creation of the charter school system has helped in the improvement of the education system within the United States (Henningfeld, 2008). The last and latest inclusion in this research work has also correctly incorporated the various responsibilities and the generalizations of the roles that are played by both the public education system and the charter education system.

In the current educational systems, the various schools heads are at the helm of devising strategies for improving schools overall performances. School administrators must incorporate either the public school system policies or the charter policies in ensuring that the areas of innovation, creativity, and personal student values are efficiently enhanced in these particular schools (Yanushevsky, 2011). Both the schools under the public education system and the charter education system must efficiently redefine their various visions with the main of redefining the multiple concepts of these different classes. This is with the main objective of increasing the respective levels of trusts different parents have on these different education systems (Henningfeld, 2008). Both these education systems are also compared about their various capabilities on the management of pressure that might emanate externally or internally within the education system these particular schools are applying. The resource management and utilization Is also another basis that this specific research work has considered in drawing the fundamental principles of public education system and the charter education system.

As the existence of the charter school in the education system is counting its third decade of reality, it was very cognizant in this particular research work to draw the differences similarities that are observed to exist between the education system of the charter school and the public education system (Haugen & Musser, 2009). Various responsibilities of the administrators in these two methods are also efficiently analyzed in the research work.

Research Questions

The primary fundamental question raised in this particular research work I the various policies in correlation to the public school system and the charter school system. This research work is also profoundly interested in the multiple ways in which various administrators cope with these clear policies in enhancing the promotion of the two methods of education (Henningfeld, 2008). These are mainly focused on the analysis of the analysis of the how various principles of these two distinctly different schools can cope up with the structure of these two different systems of educations. These critical areas of the principles abilities discussed in this research paper have included the teacher leadership, student discipline and the budget balancing in both the two systems of education.

Despite the existence of a very active structure of the administration in the different public school systems and the charter school system, there exists a considerable gap in the specific literature that is highly interested with drawing out the various disparities that exist between the collaboration of this two distinct system of education. The difference that id exhibited in these two different methods of training can mainly be due to the fact the charter education system has not been in existence for quite an extended period in comparison to the public education system.

This research is encompassed with the task of drawing out the critical policies that differentiate these two particular parallel systems of education. The essential objective included in the problem statement Is the identified clear policies and principle in the public education system and the charter education system. In drawing out these two different methods, the research work has focused on the role of the school principal in both systems of education.

Purpose of the Research Work

The primary principal aim of carrying out this research work is the contribution of the principalship knowledge on the in the various charter schools and the public education system. In drawing out these disparities, the research work has investigated the different intensity of decision-making obligations, professional background and the demographic examination for both two orders of the education (Peterson, & Campbell, 2001). In the preliminary stage of the research, vocational training, professional experience, and the demographics of the two systems were examined conclusively in the research work. The second activity was the examination of the perception of the various principles in both the public and the charter education systems. The fundamental research questions in the analysis were clearly illustrated as shown below (Hill, Lake, & Celio, 2002).

After the school size and the school size, what were the fundamental disparities that come for the public education system and the charter education system?

After controlling the school size and various levels, what were the fundamental differences that came from the multiple principles and administrators of both charter education system and the public education system?

This research work is significant with the current age of the desire to promote the different levels of accountability in various public schools in the United States. Considering the numerous highlight of the Institute for Leadership, specific necessary points have been drawn to per...

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