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What Are the Issues Facing Education? Critical Thinking Example

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Critical thinking
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The purpose of this assignment is to read the three provided material, provide a question and then use those materials to come up with an answer. The question chosen is what are the issues that are facing the education sector? In many occasions, education has been mentioned as one of the tools that can change an individual and the entire family and society for better. Therefore, it should be taken with the seriousness it deserves as it is offered to young children in different levels and standard of life (Salazar, 2012). We should focus on education because education has transformed the lives of youths and it has also changed young children holistically and should, therefore, be upheld. Educational success is seen on the face of some of the goals that have been set by the legal center for change; children are expected to achieve positive education outcomes to meet these goals (Salazar, 2012).

There should be promoting of school stability and continuity, advocating for special education, and supporting youth engagement in education planning that includes post-secondary education. The backing of the educational success for children in out-of-home care is critical for children and youth in care, child welfare, and caseworkers. There are three ways that child welfare professionals can access education records. The first way is through parental consent. The available advocate should obtain permission from a parent and have the parent sign a written consent (Salazar, 2012). The next is through qualifying as a parent, in cases where the parent is not willing or unavailable to sign a consent. The last one is by court order exception.

The lack of school stability and continuity has been an issue that greatly affects the education of children and youth. There are various factors that the children welfare agency staff can do to ensure school stability and continuity. There is a well-developed checklist that provides strategies for caseworkers. All these lists are detailed and ensure that children are well attended to when in the hand of the educational personnel and the organizations involved in funding their education. Some of the areas include the health of the children, their progress, security and assessments (Alicea, Pardo, Conover, Gopalan & McKay, 2012). The law and programs support youth in a successful transition to adulthood. There are a couple of acts which have been used to help the youths in s successful lifetime. They include; foster care independence act of 1999, adoptive connections act, individuals with stability education acts, higher education opportunity act and college cost reduction and access act of 2008. Caseworkers should engage youths in transition planning and support postsecondary education. For successful programs, it is essential for the caseworkers to engage youths in well-planned transitional programs into the next level of life (Alicea et al. 2012).

These professionals should ensure that the youths should have a positive educational and learning environment and care. The educational advocates and mentors should also be availed. The youths should be implored to be attending courts and care activities that will empower them in their future endeavors (KELLY & STOTLAND, 2014). Additionally, youths should be provided with precise information about involving the career, training, admission, financial aids, among others. Besides, their youths aids should be availed to coordinate youths needs. And lastly, it should ensure that children have access to academic, emotional and social support till they achieve their dreams. Education need of children in every situation of life, like out-of-home, is crucial and necessary for their future life success. Sometimes the avenues employed to support the children might be faced with overwhelming challenges, persistence in the programs is essential. There should be a proper coordination of the school personnel involving in offering and imparting knowledge, welfare agencies and children caregivers. When all the factors are met, there will be a well-educated society in futures which will be involved in the active development of the nation at the expense of vices in the community (KELLY & STOTLAND, 2014).



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