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The 9/11 Commissions' Findings and Recommendations

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Since the September 11, 2001, attacks, the United States has pursued considerable progress in securing the country from terrorism. However, there have been terrorist threats even at present, and the federal government of the nation has developed a security measure to protect the country from massive attacks from abroad (Perl, 2005). In 2002, the 9/11 Commission was created responsible for issuing a complete report on the outcomes of the 2001 attacks and with providing recommendations to safeguard the nation against other attacks.

In a hearing made in 2003, the Commission ensured the delivery of the survivors of attacks and the relatives of victims who were instrumental in the establishment of the commission (Walker, 2004). One of the recommendations that have worked is the advocacy of a comprehensive restructuring of the nations intelligence agencies (Best, 2002). The recommendation could work even in the future as National Intelligence agencies are formed under the federal government and the government can have the power to restructure them easily. The other recommendation that will work is the increased emphasis on diplomacy for both the U.S. citizens and Muslims to prevent the continued development of Islamic terrorism.

Some of the recommendations also failed because of conflict of interest caused by a connection between members and some of the key figures of the administration. The agencies were also being misled by corporations such as the Federal Aviation Administration (Elias, 2005). The effectiveness of the recommended strategies is dependent on the intervention of the government. Implementation of the recommendations requires a much more organized government than there is at present. Stronger leadership and attentive management at the entry level should also be enhanced to make sure that all parts work well and considering that innovation and imagination are a priority. Since the implementation of most tasks is a hurdle, the government ought to ensure an adequate assessment of vulnerabilities and anticipation of new lines of attack (Kean & Hamilton, 2004). At present, the country is even safer and secure than it was years ago. Although the ideology of terrorism exists and most of the recommendations remain unfulfilled, the enemy has been countered.


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