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Paper Example on Wilson and World War I

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Reading the history of the world war, I realized that World War 1 was one of the biggest wars that claimed lives and property. I think diplomacy died on arrival leading to loss of many lives. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary by the Black Hand may have triggered the world war in Europe but the European war had a significant impact on the US. The European war stimulated the Economy of USA by ending the depression and building of new industries. After the war, USA also managed to rebuild their country and even gained military power because of the European war. All these happened because England was devastated by the war and therefore they could not support their economic activities but could only depend on the support from the USA. The economy of USA grew significantly after the war because England used all its credits and became bankrupt. All these happened due to the effect of war between European and USA.

From my studies I am not surprised about the Pre-war European Alliance when the two international alliances formed by European countries to support each other during the attack were a triple alliance which was between Germany, Australia-Hungary, and Italy and Triple Entente formed between nations such as France, Germany, and Russia. The purpose of these alliances was the same as they were intended to prevent attacks from other nations. I am however, surprised of the Triple Alliance: Germany, Australia-Hungary, and Italy. The triple alliance was a secret contract between Germany, Austra-Hungary, and Italy. This informal agreement was started in 1882, and its existence was renewed annually until 1915 when there was First World War. These countries allied to ensure they received war support in case there was an attack from their opponent (Kennan, 1984). The alliance made Germany and Austria-Hungary support Italy when there was a battle between them and France while Italy had the responsibility of assisting Germany when attacked by France but Italy asked to be neutral when there was a war between Austria-Hungary and Russia.

World war one had a precedence that was not clear sand people could not imagine that the European war would lead to differences in relationships and formation of unlikely alliances. For example, triple Entente: Britain, France, Russia was unique and unlikely considering heir ideologies. Triple Entente is a strong association between Great Britain, France, and Russia. They called themselves as the nucleus of the allied powers. It was formed from the Franco-Russian alliance and started operation in 1904 during the First World War (Taylor, 1918). It was a combination of different treaties such as Anglo-French Entente Cordiale and an Anglo-Russian agreement, and all these treaties were formalized together to form triple entente.

While it started like a political and ideological differences, the domino effect was bigger than I could imagine. The World War 1 happened between 1914 and 1918 but within those years, over 17million people perished in the war. Among the people who were killed included 100000 soldiers belong to American Government. The World War 1 was caused by many things such as the mutual defense of alliances (Hamilton, 1977). Countries such as Germany, France, and even Austria-Hungary wanted to defend their alliance from foreign attack, and this led to the eruption of war. The war was also caused by imperialism whereby the country such as Germany wanted to increase its power and control over other countries. These countries defended themselves through war, and this led to World War 1 in 1914. Militarism also caused World War 1 because countries such as Germany had built their military and wanted to test the strength of their military by engaging in war.

The world war however, had some positive sides as it contributed in the transformation of the U.S view of Germany. I was happy about the National/ Political alignment as it clear to the centralization of power whereby political power used by Germany and Austria-Hungary during World War 1, and it was formed triple alliance. I also realized that the Allied Powers such as the political power formed by Triple Entente also emerged thereby shifting the balance to the allies. I could never imagine how the neutral power used by both the alliances namely triple alliance and entente could have been affective. Why dont I read about diplomacy because diplomacy could have lead to a faster death of the wear on arrival? Instead of the US being neutral, they could have taken an active role in condemning the wrong parties. Neutrality was not effective in such war and was not easy to maintain due to the pressure.

C: The Submarine Crisis and the Sinking of the Sussex just made matters worse between the warring countries. However, I do not see any achievement that the Peace Movement: Anti-War Arguments at a time when war was the only options that leaders saw. The free speech movement and the Student Peace Union (SPU) I think were misguided.

I started by saying that diplomacy was dead on arrival because no party was ready to dialogue. However, after lives were lost, leaders were ready to dialogue. I dont understand what made them change their minds with the Zimmerman telegram when a diplomatic communication between Germany foreign minister and Mexico to form a military alliance before America fight Germany in war 1. I am however, surprised about the string stand that Wilson took. For example, Wilson wanted the world to be safe for democracy, and thus he asked the Congress to declare war on Germany. In his speech on the fourteen points, he stated the principles for peace. The principles were used as the overarching principles for peace negotiations. Great Britain was treating American against their wishes leading to disagreement. There were organic weaknesses that lead toward unprecedented imperialism might have caused concern as the empires were expanding rapidly irrespective of the bitterness of sovereign. For example, the politics of the previously sovereign nations were increasingly being influenced by the countries that were previously under colonial rule. There were also historical, and contemporary differences among the European powers was already causing different. For example, Russia was already fighting the Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Germans were fighting France. Freedoms were curtailed, and movement was restricted to specific location. Government control also improved, and economies troubled began. Wilsons call to an end to war and upholding of democracy and peace was timely.

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