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1919 World Series Black Sox Scandal - Research Paper Example

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Research paper
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The 1919 World Series is viewed to have created one of the famous scandals in the history of baseball. The story revolves around eight players from the Chicago White Sox who faced the accusation of throwing the series against Cincinnati Reds. Controversy dominated the events about the series, with most facts dying through the teams participating teams. However, one unexpected outcome was that the players got banned from participating in a professional baseball without facing conviction for any crimes (Lamb, 2010). Focusing on the eight players, a discussion will be raised on the significant facts that were existing on every individual and the roles that they played, determining whether they were guilty or innocent of being part of the scandal.

Charles Comiskey who was the commissioner of Baseball during that time demonstrated great unfairness since he unprecedented the decision that involved depriving the eight players of their sport, even after they were acquitted of criminal charges. Arnold Rothstein, on the other hand, is recognized as the financer of the 1919 black sox scandal. He played a negative role that involved intimidating the gamblers. Arnold Rothstein, in the long run, is viewed to have chosen the path of a criminal and a hustler.

Focusing on Abe Attel, he is recognized to have been connected with the fixing of the 1919 World Series. This is identified after various Chicago White Sox players made testimony in front of an Illinois grand jury that he participated in fixing games against Red Cincinnati (Carney, 2007). With Eddie Cicotte being the first batter of the game, he could send signals on the other side; to other conspirators indicating that the fix was on. However, after the ban, Eddie Cicotte was able to break the ice through the confession of being guilty. This was handled by Comiskey's attorney who was recognized as Alfred Austrian. On the other hand, Williams and Shoeless Jackson went through the same process as Eddie Cicotte and ended up confessing their guilt too. What came out clear was that those who took part were revealed by Comiskey and in the long run, they were suspended as a result of the implications and the overwhelming evidence (Bachin, 2003).

Black Sox Scandal is identified to have shaken the whole baseball fraternity, and after the scum, some changes were introduced to the leadership of the National Commission. On the other hand, the eight players that were involved were identified as the main casualties who presented a radical change.


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