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Staff List - Presentation Example

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Harvey Mudd College
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The list of the needed staff members helps to budget on the resources required. The center is expected to offer different services to the young adults, and these services will need specialists. Some of them require skilled labor while others need unskilled ones. The challenge of payment and responsibility affects such workplaces and affects the morale of the employees. For instance, if the payments are lower than they expect, they may be poorly motivated and may feel discouraged to offer their services. The following is a list of the needed staff members;

CEO position- the CEO will be responsible for all operations of the center and will offer managerial support to the other staff. The CEO will also be responsible for the major decision making and supportive decisions that can affect the performance of the company. The salary for the CEO in New York City is $120,000 per month.

The lawyer-the lawyer will be responsible for all legal proceedings and will also act as the adviser on matters legal. All issues to do with the young adults and their jail issues will be allocated to the lawyers. The center needs one, and each earns a minimum of $50,000 per month.

Counsellor-the young adults to be served are from jails, and others are suffering from social disorders and bad behaviour. A counsellor will be needed to help them in changing their behaviour. The average salary for a mental counsellor in New York is $30,000, and the centre requires one.

Big brother program facilitators- The program will need two facilitators who will earn $17.50 per hour. They will work for 20 hours a week or a total of 80 hours a month.

Sports coaches- The center will offer football, rugby, tennis, volleyball, and basketball. The games will need a coach each and they will earn $18 per hour and will work 20 hours a week.

Computer trainers- The center expects to have one computer class and the trainer will earn $17 per hour and will work 30 hours a week.

General trainers- There will be two general trainers who will train the young adults how to write a resume and apply for jobs. The trainers will also be responsible for observing the needs of the adults and determining any extra care required. They will earn $20 per hour, and they will work for 20 hours per week. They will also be offering environmental conservation tips.

Psychologist- Most if the adults will require psychological attention and the psychologist will earn $25 per hour, working 28 hours a week.

Nurse- A nurse will be required to carry out drug tests and attend to other medical needs of the adults in the center. A nurse in New York earns a minimum of $75,400, and only one is required.

Clerk- A clerk will be needed and will earn $36,000 per month.

Housekeeper- A housekeeper will be $28,000 and will be expected to keep the place clean always.

Therapist- A therapist is expected to offer art and music therapy and will be earning $34,000.

Security guards - For security of the centre, two security guards earning $30,000 each.

Fundraisers and volunteers- Fundraising will be done by three volunteers who will earn a commission not more than $20,000. Volunteers will be encouraged to offer service and their accommodation will cost about $10,000 in total.


A budget is required to determine the amount of money to be used in establishing the center and to help in soliciting the funds. All amounts in the table are in US Dollars.

Personnel Job title/number Earnings per hour ($) Earnings per month($) Total ($)

1 CEO 120,000 120,000

1 lawyer 50,000 50,000

1 counsellors 30,000 30,000

2 facilitators 17.5 700 700

2 coaches 18 7,200 18,800

1 computer trainer 17 2,040 2,040

2 General trainers 20 3,200 3,200

1 Psychologist 25 2800 2800

1 Nurse 75,400 75,400

1 Clerk 36,000 36,000

1 Housekeeper 28,000

1 Therapist 34,000

2 security guards 30,000 each 60,000

Total 490,940

Non-personnel Sport kit 10,000

Computers 20,000

Stationery 1,000

miscellaneous 2000

Total 493,940

The above figures represent the different expenditure expected for the centre. The items are as per the staff list and the other expenditure that may be required. However, some of the items are prone to changes due to the differences in the number of adults received. The changes will be solved using the remaining amount because the budget is for $500,000 and the budgeted expenditure is less than that. The management is also expected to consider changes like increasing or hiring more staff and using more items. The functions of the center will also be determined by the needs of the people who will come. If the number of people who need counselling is higher, for instance, the counsellors can be increased in number and working hours. The surplus money is expected to cater for such occurrences. The personnel section of the budget shows the salaries and wages while the non-personnel part shows the other expenditure. The earnings per month are calculated from the earnings per hour and the number of hours worked per week.. Negotiations may also be made with some of the staff members to make changes to the salaries and wages proposed.

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