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Management Essay Example: Effective Group Work

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Thread #1

In any research activity, it is crucial for a researcher to be aware of the fact that other information can be obtained from other sources, other than those given in class. These are referred to as secondary sources. Such sources may be the media or even speeches and lectures given by individuals. Such information can be recorded and evaluated to ascertain their relevance to the research topic. The person acting as the source of information should also be scrutinized to determine his or her authority, and the information accepted after the persons expertise on the subject has been confirmed. There is also need to separate between facts and mere inferences (Galanes & Adams, 2013). The data collected should then be subjected to validity and analysis test before final interpretation. Any conclusion made on the same should be done based on sound reasoning.

Step two in conducting any research involves the organization of the information being sought by outlining them. The researcher can do this through the use of a questionnaire which can then be given to the target respondents for filling in. The content of the survey should be kept secret by the research team. The data collection methods may also be varied as deemed fit by the researchers. It is worth noting that the accuracy of any research information is pegged on the relevance and reliability of the sources of data used.

Thread #2

Concerning the first assignment which was about the assessment of group hate, the finding was that the more a person experiences group hate, the higher he will be able to score on an assignment. It can be seen here that the researcher was able to score an impressive 24 out of 30. This is because he is an introvert and was brought up with the idea of independence, which has taught him to do things without having to rely on others. He, therefore, strives to put all his efforts into his assignments knowing he is all alone. The second assessment was about ones preference regarding Procedural Order (Galanes & Adams, 2013).

It can be seen here that organization is a vital tool for the success of any group work. It is crucial that the group stays organized to check on any chaos that may arise due to a large number of people working on an assignment at the same time to score highly in a group assignment. A leader should also keep a check on the attitude of the team concerning the project by occasionally asking questions and at the end of a meeting. This may even be done by giving out a questionnaire for the members of the team to fill in. Stopping to ask, How are we doing? can help a group to change its direction entirely or fine-tune an already efficient process (Galanes & Adams, 2013).

Concerning the last assignment which is about assertiveness, a person can belong to either of the three classes. He can be assertive, non-assertive or aggressive. One can determine the category to which he/she belongs by checking them off, and the one that will emerge with the most checks will be considered as the one showing the persons level of aggression. This has been professionally tested and proven to be true.



Galanes, G.J. & Adams, K. (2013). Effective Group Discussion Theory and Practice. 14th ed. McGraw-Hill, New York.

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