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The Company, Customer, Employee Relationship - Essay Example

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All companies have been trying to have a way of operating continuously without getting into the process of hiring new employees. The method of hiring new employees makes the companies spend a lot of funds especially while training the recruits. This is one of the challenges that businesses encounter while they are coming up with a new workforce. In most cases, the companies try to provide the employees with the right welfare services so that they cannot have a reason to look for an alternative source of income. Some theories and principles have been set up to help in dealing with employee recruitment and are in most cases not applicable because there are employees who change their characters after they get a job offer. In that case, there is a need to look into an exciting area and assess some of the challenges that might occur while dealing with both the current and newly hired employees.

Making the right hire process for a job or company needs one to have the right skills and expertise. The first thing that needs to be done is to look for someone who is always committed to the career at hand. An employee who keeps on switching from one job to the other will make the company keep on taking part in the hiring process and activities. All the candidates that are hired to work for the company will have to be loyal, and they should not pose any problem. The hiring process is expensive few companies would like to always go through it.

For instance, while looking for employees who will be working in a production company, there will be a need to ensure that they are compatible when it comes to the posts that they get. The employees are supposed to have the capability of fitting into the business culture that is set in the company. They are supposed to have all the social skills that are needed to ensure that they work well with the current employees. In that case, the hiring process should be carried out before the current employees leave (Bowen et al., 2015). The new employees are supposed to fill the positions that are left vacant and this only happens after they have undergone intensive training.

There is always a need to conduct a test on the learning and analytical skills that one has during the recruitment process. The main reason for doing this is the fact that there are people who have certificates and other credentials that show they passed and have all the learning skills but they cannot display them practically. Such people are likely to create trouble in the workplace epically when they are handling urgent and essential tasks. There are many methodologies which can be applied while assessing all the analytical skills that one possesses. Most of the resumes that the candidates present are not factual and that mean one should not test them for what they provide. Confidence is one of the exceptional characteristics that one should be looking for in a candidate and possessing the right educational requirements should also be essential.

The hiring process is supposed to improve whenever it is conducted or carried out. Whether the organization is big or small, the employees who are hired to work there need to be perfect and smart in what they do. All agencies have anticipations of growing and improving every time. That means the small organizations will have to employ individuals who will make them be at par with other prominent groups. On the other hand, the leading agencies will also want to gain more as they are competing with others who are of the same caliber. Therefore, the hiring committee is supposed to have a start-up while doing the hiring process. Magic bullets and other irrelevant questions should not come into play since they usually bring in other concepts related to the potential of the particular candidates.

Interns are vital to an organization, and the hiring process should not lock them out. There have been debates on whether interns should be part of the hiring process. For one to be able to hire the right employees, the right thing to do would be to include interns in the team. Being an intern in a group enables one to get all the skills, strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, confidence, behaviour and attitudes as they are carrying out the practical aspects of the work. The hard task is always to get the right intern to be on the team. After successful picking them, it would be necessary to check on those who have the potential from the pool and use them as a replacement for the positions that need permanent individuals.

There is a need to get to the social platforms while hiring workers in a company. Interviews are some of the strategies that one can use to get to know the social nature of an individual. At the same time, there are questions which are not supposed to be asked in an interview because they might be too personal and the candidate is likely to become uncomfortable (Barron, 2015). The best way to approach this is by making an investigation of whether one is available on social media or not. The social media platforms have the right information that one would want when it comes to the social nature of an individual. If the company is based on Tech businesses, then the social media would be the best place to get all the details regarding the characteristics of the employees in that line.

The candidates who have been shortlisted for the recruitment process are supposed to be in the position of providing a demonstration of the reason why they want to do that particular job. People who are anxious and ambitious are the most appropriate because they are likely to treat well the customers and also ensure that all tasks are completed within the specified period. The people are supposed to live for today while at the company and should not always look forward to future possibilities. This means the candidate is supposed to look at the job as an opportunity to progress and reach milestones using all the parameters that have been put in place by the company.

Friendly people are also the best when the company is carrying out the recruitment activities. The people have a positive attitude towards everything that surrounds them, and they are not always on the negative side when it comes to dealing essential issues. By being nice, it means that they bear the characteristics of being cheerful, they are still supportive, the management gets along with them quickly and have a positive attitude towards the new people that they meet (Olenski, 2015). Such people adapt to the culture of the organization faster and all their beliefs seem to be in line with the needs of the customers that the company serves. This principle has been applicable in many places since such people end up creating a new organizational culture that the customers will like especially when they are treated as per their expectations.

It is important and advantageous to work with the current employees as compared to hiring new ones (Olenski, 2015). Hiring is supposed to be done only when the company is expanding its services or when it has a workload that it cannot manage. The current employees are the best because they have been working for the company for a long while and that means they have all the skills and experience that is needed in that line. On the other hand, the newly employed individuals can make the company spend a lot of money in training and in replacing some of the equipment that they damage as they are preparing to use them. Before one is hired to work for the company, the hiring department is supposed to ensure that it knows the attitude and confidence of the candidates. Those who have a positive attitude should be given the fast chance or opportunity. Such characteristics can only be identified by availing the job requirements while advertising the vacancies.

Getting new employees to work in an organization is a great approach especially when many vacant positions need to be filled. Otherwise, the hiring process should be conducted only when it is necessary. There is a need to always work with the current employees because they have been there for a while and also have the required characterizes that the company has put in place (Marsden, 2010). The current employees are always loyal, and they might be used to train those who have been recruited. Working with the existing employees is an approach that makes the company to keeps its confidential information within its environs especially when the workers are not anticipating getting other jobs. Losing employees to other companies means that they will share all the information regarding the tactics used and those that lead to being relevant in the market for a long while.

A company is supposed to be able to recognize all the accomplishments that have been made after a given financial year. All the achievements should be identified, and those who were in the front line should be awarded as per their expectations. This is, in fact, one of the strategies of keeping the current employees. The company should ensure that the welfare of the current employees is catered for so that they can also contribute to the further development of the company. The current employees are essential, and that means the organization should work hard to ensure that they have a right balance between work and life. The relationship between them and the superiors should also be perfect. The job security of the organization should be at per with their expectations too. The other way of maintaining the current employees would be to make them have a fixed salary that is attractive and also ensuring that the job content is compelling.


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