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Paying for Motivation - Human Resources Essay Sample

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Contemporary organizations are acknowledging the importance of reward management strategies. In essence, these organizations motivate their employees through pay. Besides that, an evaluation of their performance plays a critical role in improving pay and motivating the staff as well. In the work context, motivation, which is driven by either intrinsic or extrinsic factors, is the desire to achieve beyond expectations. Stakeholders, managers, employees, and shareholders have differing perspectives on how pay influences their behavior. However, one thing they all agree on is that pay reflects the value of their personal skills and abilities. Often, employees find it difficult to establish a correlation between performance and pay. For that reason, they see no need of performing better at their job. Nowadays, people look for work in places which provide better pay. Fundamentally, employee motivation is the primary key to the overall success of any organization. The paper analyzes pay for performance as a motivator.

Pay should be linked to the present and expected value to the educational organization. Barlevy & Neal (2011) articulate that pay for percentile can be implemented patently and without difficulty. The authors provide an example with the education system where their leaders can form comparisons in each level of achievement and then assign it with percentiles during the evaluation of performance at the end of the year. The different areas that the educational organizations comprise of ought to be very much screened by the administration of the instructive associations. Besides, the present estimation of the edifying institutions surely relies upon the measure of value that the firm is giving to the understudies of the association. In the interim, the different segments likewise decide the present estimation of the association which expands the measure of notoriety that the instructive associations as of now appreciate inside the market. Pay can be connected to the present or the expected estimation of the instructional association that can have immense effect all in all organizations. These pointers like pay help the organizations and the organizations hugely to grow a huge sum inside a low traverse of time that will make the association achieve in a more knowledgeable manner. The expected estimation of the association is a sure segment that can be assessed before the real time and is only a supposition of the sort and measure of reserve that the institution can gather in the coming days. In the meantime, it can likewise be eluded that the different factors inside an educational association additionally prompts the accomplishment of its coveted objectives. Nevertheless, this can likewise be said that the pay can be connected with the educational associations easily, as these kinds of devices are of high criticalness to the organizations. Fundamentally, one should keep in mind that the end goal is to build the present value of the organization that will naturally expand the expected value the organization.

Pay should be adjusted at certain points in the transformation process. Duffy (2010) articulates that school change leaders have to incorporate systematic change within their organization to transform their districts and enable them to succeed. Moreover, in as much as the authors agree that the transformation process is expensive, their view is that organizations ought to have sufficient operating budgets to support the change effort. Similarly, in any given organization, managers should be able to regulate pay on their employees. In a case where pay is not balanced, the procedure can antagonize grim issues due to the absence of refreshed information, which in future can influence the organization in an enormous negative way. Largely, the transformational procedure has to know the different escape route that a firm has faced in the current past and which influenced the acts of the instructive associations in general. Accordingly, it can likewise be said that altering pay at specific focuses can end up being indispensable for the instructive associations of the organization. The reason is that this will not just keep the entire arrangement refreshed by will likewise make an enormous constructive outcome on the exercises of the entire instructive associations of the firm. In the interim, it can likewise be contended that there are different enlightening organizations that do not make use of any kind of component, for example, pay, yet are as yet effective in the current period which is greatly aggressive. Besides that, it can likewise be contended that the modifying of the pay patterns at certain time will likewise empower the administration of the firm to keep updated information with respect to the present status and requirements of pay.

Managers and the administration division should be responsible for monitoring and determining if pay being awarded has a positive effect on hard-wiring behavior. Barlevy & Neal (2011) assert that education authorities are responsible for implementing effective incentive schemes for teachers. In that sense, if individuals in the higher department of any organization ensure that their employees stay motivated in the workplace, then they play a huge role in establishing the positive effects of pay on behavior. Beyond doubt, the compensation that has been granted can give colossal lift to the different people in the organization, and thus will have a gigantic beneficial outcome on the hard-wiring conduct of the firm. These will occur as the hard-wiring conduct encompasses grabbing the open doors that are offered by an assorted workforce, which can enable the association to accomplish a focused advertising to advantage with the business. Furthermore, the granting of the pay can smooth the procedure significantly more as every single individual inside the association will get an enormous lift in the confidence that can give the firm huge positive open doors as well. The hard-wiring conduct is likewise a standout amongst the most wanted segments that every one of the associations has a tremendous propensity to accomplish. Correspondingly, it can be contended that the usage of pay, which is outside in nature makes the employees exceptionally energetic to work additional time too. This occurs as they get paid for working extra minutes which are frequently named as motivating force and thus, extra wage makes every single individual push past their working hours and points of confinement. Largely, managers and administrative division have to make the monitoring of pay a regular process within the organization.

Literature has a lot to say about extrinsic motivators such as pay. According to Xiang, Chen, & Bruene (2005), extrinsic rewards motivate people to make their high-achievement behaviors evident. Besides that, the authors indicate that extrinsic motivators have devastating effects on intrinsic motivators in cases where individuals have to participate in certain activities. On a broader perspective, an employee who is propelled extrinsically will perform in a given task notwithstanding when they have least measure of enthusiasm for it. Subsequently, one might say that the outward motivation, for example, pay assumes a colossal part in these different segments which makes the firm or the foundation exceedingly gainful as far as business or expert operations. Then again, the outward motivators do not imply that the individual does not get any delight shape the work or on finish a particular task. Unquestionably, this implies that the individual is working extra minutes however is calm upbeat as the outside factors such as impulses have make them very fulfilled and is cheerful after the consummation of the various tasks that he or she does. More to the point, Xiang, Chen, & Bruene (2005) assert that when managers reward their employees for their participation in a work task instead of their performance levels, removing those rewards increases their extrinsic motivation. In their view, extrinsic reward is an object that acts as a consequence of behavior.

In summary, paying for motivation has beneficial effects on the performance of employees. Evidently, one of the schemes that improve employee motivation is pay. Organizations have to determine the influences, which affect employee behavior. Motivation theories can help organizations to determine factors that influence employee motivation in the organization. Beyond doubt, pay and motivation have a direct relationship with productivity. When employees have the desire to work, managers will be pleased with the work done in their organization. When an organization has unclear goals, the transformation process will be disrupted. Overall, managers and the administrative department have to adjust the pay of their employees to improve productivity and ensure that they remain motivated.



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