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Fiction and Reality about Migrant Workers in UAE - Essay Example

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Sewanee University of the South
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Kuya is a father of four who is forced to leave back his family and migrate to a very far place in search of greener pastures because he is the breadwinner in his family. The fact that these four daughters still stay at home and not yet married raises a concern on Kuya because he has to work so hard to raise money so that in future he can have dowry to give when his daughter get married. His entire life, Kuya have yearned for a baby boy until one morning after receiving a letter from his wife with the news of a baby boy. Despite this news reminding him of his first baby boy Mohammed Kuya who was involved in a tragic accident, he feels it is the best news he has received after a very long time.

Kuya has a negative attitude towards female children and even though he doesnt show that to his family, his behaviors while he was away after receiving the news of his new born child could tell how he was so passionate and loving to sons than to daughters. He talks to the hawkers and his boss as well about the birth of his baby boy. Also, Kuya says that the news he just received were the best news he has ever received and he even went ahead suggesting the names to be given to his son. The joy he felt outweighs all the he has gone through to the extent of taking his little savings to buy his son a gift. The affection of Kuya towards his sons is pronounced in everything he does.

Kuya is very optimistic and he can go to any extremes just to achieve what he wants. It is clear from the story that the care for his family is the sole reason Kuya is far from them and after receiving the news from his wife, he is focused on getting his son a gift and that is when he ran short of cash to send the gift, he is willing to sell the gift that was meant for the wife just to make sure that his sons gift reaches home.

Kuyas situation is very pitiable because of his financial situation and the large family he has. Despite him having four daughters, his wife gives birth to a son and she is forced to stay home for some time and so Kuya has to take care of all the family expenses. He cannot even afford a single gift for both his wife and son. The story of Kuya is a true picture of what happens to migrant workers. First, the workers normally suffer from loneliness as they are forced to leave their families. Secondly, they face rejection and disrespect from the people around as they are seen as strangers and lastly financial constraints and this is because the workers once they get their money, their families becomes the first priority and the little they remain with cannot sustain them for long.

Bikram Sigh works as a laborer and he does this to give his family a better life. His goals are just like those of Kuya because despite the challenges they go through in their new environment as a result of their education levels and so on, they are determined to better their lives and see the people they love be happy too. Bethi Malesh is another hardworking and optimistic man who is struggling for his family. Just like Kuya, he misses his family and more so his son who he later met after three years.

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