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Response Agreeing to the Peer Evaluation

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The article revolves around an analysis concerning urban teens and Young Adults in the society. It describes a series of happening concerning different issues, for instance, their relationships with each other. In the context of the analysis, there are issues at hand that need addressing among other events that uncover the qualitative research. As a response to the post, I would agree to the peers evaluation at different perceptions and analysis. First, the peer post describes happening with the interaction of the adolescents in the society. It confirms on the assumptions concerning the obligations of the corporation at maintaining a balance of proper communication to the occurrences and practices by these African-American youths (Martin et al., 2012).

Moreover, I also agree with the post such that, it not only describes details concerning the involvement of the adolescents to the society but also adds to their association with each other. It provides the detail about how they relate to each other. For instance, the intimate partner violence, disrespect between each other, dating violence, and also the aftermath which involves help-seeking (Khubchandani et al., 2012). These happening deliver significant information concerning the peer post.

Suggestion for Improving Research Design

Nonetheless, the research design does not provide proper details of the topic at hand. The research only basis on the description of the relationships and the relation. However, does not to give appropriate reports and analysis. First, the study should involve the youths themselves before proceeding to the opinions of the public. The involved young adult would provide their confessions through interviews and also deliver the differences that arise in a predicament. Also, the meetings would give the relation and create a sense of trust for proper research which is significant for data collection (Catherine Houghton et al., 2013).

Also, the research design should base on the requirements of successful research techniques. They involve the ability of the researchers to converse well with the involved personnel to understand the details and collect relevant data (Fusch & Ness, 2015). To sum everything up, as an improvement tactic, the research design should involve evidence-based research that not only gives the opinions but also submits relevance of the data.


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