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I Just Wanna Be Average - Essay Sample

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Vanderbilt University
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Article review
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The article discusses a character who is satisfied with his average grades and average way of life. However, his English teacher triggers his interest in English, and he ends up becoming a great writer and reader of English Literature. However, after high school, he slips back into his mediocre life cocoon until his English teacher saves him and facilitates his admission into college.

In Praise of the F Word

In essence, the article discusses the fear of failure among people. In particular, it articulates the fear of failure among students. Once students realize that their actions could lead them to fail, they change perception and work hard in their studies.

I Just Wanna Be Average

Thesis statement in this article is how we can harness our resolve and determination to accomplish what we set to accomplish in life.

Main idea

The author is determined to work hard first by beginning to take reading seriously from elementary school. The author further narrates that he was afraid to sit alone at the dinner table or stay alone in little gloomy bedroom. Also, the author further points that Danny McShane frustrated a lot Mr. Moto (Rose 188).

Main idea

As revealed by the author, he had an average mentality which made it difficult for him to comprehend concepts in his higher educational level (Rose 189).

Hard lines

Our youngest, a world-class charmer, did little to develop his intellectual talents but always got by Rose 192 - Charmer

I dont move seniors Rose 192 - Senior

Strong lines

He was a beatnik who was born too late (Rose, 187)

But I worked very hard, for MacFarland had hooked me (Rose, 188)

Weak lines

But I hadnt even prepared for that (Rose, 189)

But atleast I was going to college (Rose, 190)

In Praise of the F Word-

Thesis statement in this article is how fear of failure stimulates hard work within individuals

Main idea

Individuals dread of failure was intended to encourage students to work hard to pass their exams. Essentially this was an important approach for these times, as most students did not heed to the traditional motivational techniques (Sherry 191-192)

With the right motivators, people can achieve what they thought they could not. For instance, every individual regardless of his or her age, once they set a compelling goal will overcome their challenges and achieve their objectives. In most cases, young people do not value education unlike their adults counterparts who are well aware of the value of education. Even though there is apparent difference, instilling fear of failure, whether economic or academic is known to be a significant motivation to both (Sherry 192-193)

Hard lines

I was flustered (Sherry, 192) Flustered

That is to reveal the trump card of failure (Sherry, 191) - Trump

Strong lines

They will also discover they have been cheated by our educational system (Sherry, 191)

No more passing Jodi because shes such a nice kid (Sherry, 193)

Weak lines

Theyd rather be sailing (Sherry, 192)

And so on (Sherry, 191)

Works Cited

Rose, Mike. I Just Wanna Be Average. 187-190. Print.Sherry, Mary. In Praise of the F Word. 191-193. Print.

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