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How Psychology Course Changed My Life - Scholarship Essay Sample

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Sewanee University of the South
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My life changed when I enrolled in a psychology course in college. Before that, I led a very stressful life, and I can say I had given up on life. When I finished high school, my friend introduced me to a group where our primary job was to party. As a group, we mingled with men of different types and studies was the last thing in our diaries. Since we were in in our youthful stage, peer influence was nothing new. My parents tried their best to advise me on the right path, but I thought my friends were always right. They kept on lecturing me on how they struggled to make it in life and the damage my lifestyle cost me, but all fell on a deaf ear. After doing all she could, my mother decided to register me in a college where I was to pursue a 2year course, psychology. I had no idea how that would help since I intended to join my peers who had Join University to take fashion design course. My mother enrolled in an entirely different college where I had to attend classes on a daily basis.

When I first attended my psychology class, I found the teacher to be jovial and friendly. Every lesson, he used to tell stories about his former students and how they excelled through hard work. Despite all the inspiring stories he used to say to us, the tutor was very strict especially when it comes to assignments. Following the lifestyle I used to live, I began to realize how hard life had become. By the third day of the second week, we had been given an assignment that we had to work on and hand in within two days. I had no idea how to start working on it and at the same time mingle with my peers. The course appeared more challenging than I thought and I realized that I had to dedicate myself for me to succeed though it changed me into who I am today.

The course became even harder with time what made me choose between my friends and education. I had to abandon my party life and concentrate on my studies both at school and at home. I started making use of resources at my disposal like computers back at home, and in college, I spend my time in the library as well as in group discussions. For the contents that I found hard to understand, I had to seek clarification from my tutor during office hours. For my success, I developed a habit of reading since, after every day after classes, I spent at least two hours in the library researching various topics. At home, I spent most of the time in my room studying giving myself no time for parties.

My hard work did not go to waste because I was among the best students in our class at the end of two years in college. Currently, am working in one of the best hospitals in town as a counselor. Through this course, I realized the significance of hard work and how far it can take you in life. My experience with clients has made me develop a passion for helping others. Currently, I have enrolled for a five years nursing course that would enable me to gain more experience in handling patients. My psychology course changed my life, and I owe all my success to my mother.



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