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Biography: Physiotherapy Education on Re-injury Prevention

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Sewanee University of the South
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My competence in knowledge acquisition, critical analysis and understanding the entire principles surrounding physiotherapy education and its application in injury prevention emerged due to interest and passion that I developed at a tender age. It is something that I have desired to do, and my entire education goals have always been streamlined towards achieving the right skills on how to handle and provide sufficient therapy capable of solving injury issues and preventing cases of re-injury. During my high school and undergraduate studies, I loved athletics and soccer. I felt bad to witness an athlete failing to complete a race due to injuries especially repeated cases of injury. I failed to understand reasons behind re-injury. I kept on questioning and determining all the possible ideas that might explain the reason why an athlete might acquire an injury, heal and at a later date fail to participate in an event as a result of a similar occurrence.

Throughout the process of questioning, I began to analyze the situation critically, and this made me develop an interest and finally became a researcher eager to understand and explain the possibilities and reasons behind re-injury occurrence and provision of the possible methodologies to curb the entire process. To sharpen my competence in doing research and accurately obtaining the best results, I focused much on developing my critical analysis and synthesis abilities. As a professional and a learner, I chose to specialize in the female games, that is athletic and soccer to identify re-injury cases and use that to provide adequate prevention measures before the subsequent games.

I have spent most of my time reading from different sources on the research conceptions related to physiotherapy and how they can be of significance in elevating the my skills in doing this research. The major aspects that I considered were how the sources justified or disputed my assertion regarding a given physical therapy procedure. Furthermore, besides reading, I paid attention to the number of rhetorical tools provided in the reading as well the logical fallacies provided. The idea was to split the complex notions, ideologies and subject them into different viewpoints. It provided me with a unique insight into understanding the matters beyond their face value. Notably, the fundamental reason as per to why I was focused on reading is to acquire the views and knowledge identified by the different sources. To my advantage, I kept the record of how different authors applied varying evidence to achieve a common goal. Not only evidence but also ideas, ethos, pathos, and logos to achieve a common result. My confidence and an instrumental drive to move forward was bred through the books which sharpened my critical thinking ability hence capable of subjecting philosophical questioning to derive reasons and proper justifications of my findings.

The critical analysis conceptions never remained in me but subjected to practice especially where the female soccer players or athlete were playing. So far, I have managed to provide preventative measures to women with the aim of combating re-injury cases. My findings regarding the cause were as a result of the in-depth investigation and critical analysis of the views of the players on the pain they are experiencing during the injury. The nature of critical questioning was helpful in blocking all the aspects that the player may hide and instead ended up sharing the entire information regarding the injury source, hence an avenue of prevention measure.

It has not been easy to gather information, combine them and form the complex physical therapy conceptions. As previously highlighted, from my readings, theoretical research and analysis, I managed to figure out the basic strategies and methodologies capable of assembling the different ideas and opinions to build a claim with a sole motive of creating a complex argument. Out of the sources, different ideologies were applied and which were motivated to a given objective though they were scattered. I managed to learn how to gather the differing views with a motive of supporting or discrediting my initial view. Furthermore, I managed to point and identify the shared values, rhetorical tools, strategies and fallacies as these were principal in the generation of the synthesis knowledge.

Importantly, during my Master's studies, I focused on physical therapy though from a larger perspective. I sharpened my practical abilities especially regarding the gathering of information and evaluating the acquired data to test its validity. The art of asking questions which is the foundation of knowledge acquisition stood to be the yardstick in the process. Furthermore, at this level, I managed to develop the mind capable of assessing the validity, reliability and also determining the exact differences between substantiated and unsubstantiated hypothesis. It was at this level that the concepts regarding idea formulation, and weighing the opinions of the people were considered imperative. Conceivably, identification and justification of the conclusion that was dependent on the competence of the premises were all learned concepts, and this explains why evidence support and conclusion testing were not critical concerns to me hence capable of offering the best shot on the research topic.

Additionally, I have attended some training sessions related to my career. Among them was the systematic review training. It acted as a door opener by revealing all the practical requirements and significance of all the readings that I have endured with a motive of obtaining the best research skills. During the training sessions, I studied how to collect data, critically analyze and subject different viewpoints to multiple research papers by utilizing the already selected methods with the aim of formulating questions and proving them through a structured methodology. The goal of the training was to ensure that the trainees acquire the knowledge to summarize research information to meet the requirements of the research questions. From the training, I understood the need for evidence-based practices in providing necessary assistance to the female athletes and soccer players. It was not only important for my research advancement but also the fulfilment of my passion and life-long interest.

Physiotherapy education is central to effective management of the players and ensuring that cases of re-injury are combated. I read books, different literary works of known authors and physiological therapists. I studied different research methodologies and analysis procedures to the extent that I fully acquired the right critical and synthesis knowledge that could easily assist me in carrying out my research purely based on interest. For the highlighted reasons, I became competent enough, full of knowledge capable of critically questioning and analyzing issues of injury and deducing the re-injury prevention measures with the aim of meeting the research instruction and presenting justified conclusions.

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