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Resocialization Process - Critical Thinking Example

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Middlebury College
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Critical thinking
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Jim and his family go through an involuntary resocialization process. This is because Jim is forced to move his family after he lost his last job as a football coach.

Critical Theory

The Social learning theory is the most useful critical theory that best analyses Jims resocialization process. This is because, after Jim and his family are forced to move from their initial home, they all develop new self-identities as a response to social stimuli. Besides, as an athlete trainer, Jim models himself in response to the expectations of his family and his athletics team. In this regard, Jim and his familys behaviors and attitudes develop in response to the reinforcement and encouragement they receive from the society.

Question Two

Why Cross Country is termed a private school sport

Cross-country is considered a private school sport in the movie, owing to the initial failures of the team, which were believed to be highly attributed by the social stimuli, poverty, the occupation and the interactionism of the McFarland people.

What would lend the sport more to a private school than a low SES public school?

The fact that a cumulated group effort determines the team's win. This, therefore, lends the sport more to a private school more than a low SES public school since unlike in low SES public schools, students in a private school will not often be pulled out of the team by their parents who will require them to perform various occupational duties such as farming, in place of training sessions.

Question Three

Three Cultural and environmental factors that led to the teams success


The athletes perceived their cross country training as a more manageable task, as compared to working for long hours under the heat, with their families.

The people

The team receives great support from the people during their training and on their competition. For instance, the society people gather at Jims place to organize the teams fundraiser to give the team financial support.

The physical climate

The athletes were accustomed to working for long hours in the fields and under the intense McFarlands heat. This means that they had endured a lot of physical discomforts which made them even more suited for running.

Question Four

Three cultural and SES contributing factors that were hurdles to the athletes success

PovertyPoverty is an SES contributing factor that acted as a hurdle for the success of the team. Their competitors, on the other hand, came from affluent suburban communities.


Jim notices that some of the boys, such as Thomas, have personal issues which act as a hindrance during their practice session.


Based on the fact that, the students, athletes were sons of migrant workers, they had to spend the better part of their days picking produce with their families on the farm. For instance, the Diaz brothers are pulled out of the team by their father who wants them to spend more time working in the field.

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