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Man and Society: How Man Is a Social Being

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The relationship that exists between man and society is one which has proved a lot of discussions. While the man is an object just like any other, he must have a dwelling place. The society gets construed as the regulations, customs and laid rules of anti-human behavior. These practices are essential to determine human acts and interactions with each other. Society and humans, therefore, exist bilaterally and the existence of society is to serve human beings and not the other way round. Man being a unique and special creature is biologically and psychologically oriented to co-exist in clusters, in the society. It has, therefore, become an essential condition for human life to blossom in a society. In the report, I am going to center my discussion around the question that for become fully human, human beings need a great deal of proficiency in taking account of others and solidifying relationships with them. Important terms such as society, social life and individual will, therefore, formulate the basis of the argument.

To begin the discussion, I would like to enlighten the reader how the writer became a practical sociologist. Being a sociologist is a lifelong process just like any other processes. It begins immediately when the child is born and smile or cry at the spanking of the feet by the midwife. Sociology involves building relationships with persons within your environs. In my society, I prefer not to disclose, it is a norm that people should and must live with one another in harmony. The mentioned get based on the social philosophy that unity is strength and division is a fall, this prompted me to live in togetherness with our neighbors in the hood, and it went a long way from home to school, to church and even the current workplace. Essentially, it is the same process that I have learned and continue to learn to become a normal human being that can interact with anybody and everybody anywhere in the world.

In a sociology class, the first thing learned or rather the introductory topic would be man is a social animal. The man has the natural ability to live and have a social life with other human beings and animals at large. Man requires society for his survival. Youngsters of humans depend on their parents for growth and importantly, for survival. Numerous survival mechanisms can only develop in the home of man. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance better and happier life for these individuals. The society creates and provides all the conditions that mold an all-around human being. Despite the occasional conflicts and tensions typical of human beings, the major role of the society is to ensure maximum cooperation and harmonious living amongst people. The binary relationship between man and society gets realized in the sense that while society gives provisions to human beings, a man in return contributes wisdom and experience to the society. The wisdom and experience man provides important in grounding the rules that uphold the norms of the society.


The other key aspect worth consideration is the term society. Society liberates as well as put limitations on mans activities; it is a necessity for every man to have fulfillment in life. The societal system is bound to dynamism.

Society should also not be misunderstood and confined only to man. It has been contended that where life abounds society abounds. The drawn simply means that life is hereditary and only comes from other lives. Every higher animal, led by a man, therefore, has its distinct society. In every society, each member strives to give and get something. A society may encompass people with similar or same ideologies. These ideologies are responsible for the governance of the norms, values, and ethics of a large dominant society. Apart from serving the purpose of molding man into a normal being, the society may serve other purposes like economic, religious, scientific, political, cultural, and patriotic among other functions. In consideration of these functions, it is worth to note that it is typical of society to comprise of people from diverse backgrounds. These backgrounds could be economic, social or industrial infrastructure backgrounds. The universal and pervasive nature of the society makes it an assortment of individuals united by specific modes of behavior and human relations that distinguishes them from others who do not befit. Having learned what a society means and who encompasses it, it is prudent to conclude that the society is the complex whole that makes social behavior and a network of human relationships.

Nature of society

Society may connote an abstraction that means the complex inter and intra-relations that occur between and among the members of a group. Society exists in good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate relationships between humans. The social relations may neither be evident nor have definite concrete forms thus making the society an abstraction. In essence, it could mean just a state or rather a condition. As an organization, society could also mean the totality and complexity of human relationships. It could invariably take the form of awareness of the presence of other people and, or shared interests. It is, therefore, rightful to say that society is a union that consists mutual and inter or intra-relation of people and wholesomely the structure created by these relations.

Social life

As a student of sociology and a staunch practical sociologist, I strongly believe that man cannot live without association. Mans life to a great extent is perceived to be a group life. For one to understand another, you need to understand their relationship which is a system of units. The significance of social life is exemplified when a consideration of development in an individuals life is taken. Social life includes a variety of components such as individual themselves, locations and human activities. While all these combinations are required to give meaning to social life, the characteristic of each component may be distinct from person to person and are bound to change. The changes could be due to external environmental influences. Human actions, thoughts, and feelings are enormously influenced by the very social life that surrounds the man. Social activities like education, worship, sports activities among others may define an individuals way of life. In school, for instance, learners and instructors get to interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. In the process exchange of ideas, culture among other things is bound to ensue. Some may undergo complete transformation by items borrowed such as assimilation of personality; how one talks, dresses or eats. The individuals social life has certain setting limitations which have a bearing in the way a person acts. Men are known to cope in modern settings including government institutions, in the education sectors, in industries, in religions, in the family association and everywhere else that man finds himself.

The ability of human beings to work together, organize for a particular course, and live together make the whole unitary effort a society. Different kinds of social life depend on numerous factors. Among these factors are the availability and type of friends, cash flow availability, modern restaurant places and perhaps the schedule of a person. These factors can determine the natures of activities one indulges in, the place where the social activities occur, and even how frequent one socializes. Presence of friends will determine to a large extent how a person leads his or her life. Many people tend to identify themselves with celebrities for them to be recognized while others simply choose the ordinary lifestyle. The amount of cash flow available at hand may also dictate ones social life. Money can take you anywhere and buy you anything apart from life; the latter is debatable though.

Nonetheless, social life may also incline on things like political matters, economic and voluntary associations. Politicians usually have a good command of many followers to whom they are likable. They tend to socialize with many people they encounter in their daily politicking activities such as in rallies and foreign public relations fairs. American presidents including John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Barrack Obama, and George W. Bush among others are known for their enthusiastic public and diplomatic relations, and oratory skills.

Man as a social animal.

Though precise information of the exact origin of society remains unauthentic, it is a fact beyond the conviction that man has ever lived in society since the beginning of time. A well-known philosopher by the name Aristotle once opined that man is a social animal by virtue. That he cannot live without society, but if that could be the case then hes either a beast or God. Biologically and psychologically man, in almost all aspects of life, has to live in a society for his survival and wellbeing. He can never have a modest personality, language, and culture and discover inner self by not living in society. Society, as a home of man, provides security and fulfills the desires and endeavors of man. The analogy of fish dwelling in water behooves mans existence in society. Every being is sired, raised, lives and even more, interestingly, dies in society.

The sociability nature makes a man be a social animal. The drawn is an inborn and instinctive ability inherent within man. Entirely all the human attributes such as the ability to acquire language (Linguistics: Language Acquisition), ability to think and to work get nurtured in a society that human lives. Secondly, by necessity man is a social being. Apart from nature, necessity is another important aspect that defines man as a social animal. The man has many needs and necessities that need fulfillment, but only the society can do so. These necessities include social needs, mental needs, and physical needs among others. All these needs compel a man to reside in society and to fulfill them; man requires cooperation with fellow human beings. There is yet another reason that justifies man as a social being. The drawn is the need for mental and intellectual development. Man is expected to utilize the intellectual endowment he has to solve everyday life puzzles. The society has the responsibility to mold human attitudes, beliefs, morals, and ideas which constitutes an individuals personality. For mental and intellectual development, man is bound to live in society. Conclusively, it is prudent when they say that for a person to be or become fully human, humans need a high proficiency in taking cognizance of others and creating relationships with fellow human beings.

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